A five-member Air Force panel finished its investigation into the crash of an F-117A. Better known as the stealth fighter, one of these state-of-the-art jets literally came apart in the sky on September 14, 1997. The pilot parachuted to safety and no one in the Baltimore suburb where the plane crashed was hurt.

The specific fighter in question had been repaired and checked out thoroughly in January of 1996. As part of that maintenance check, the wings were removed and reinstalled. The inspectors apparently failed to install four of the five bolts that hold part of the wing assembly in place. Two later maintenance checks missed the same problem. One of those checks was prompted when a pilot who had flown the jet reported there was too much “flex” in the wing.

Col. John Beard, head of the investigative panel, said, “It is my opinion the accident was caused by unintentional maintenance oversight.”

For the lack of four fastener bolts, a $42-million stealth fighter crashed. Because of careless maintenance, the life of a pilot was nearly lost. On account of someone’s “unintentional” oversight, dozens more on the ground were put in jeopardy. It seems like a terribly high price for so trivial a thing as four bolts.

The same sort of thing happens all the time. A company fails because it doesn’t stay abreast of market research or product development. A once-bright career goes down the tubes because an athlete didn’t control his temper or because a junior executive was guilty of an ethical lapse.

Sadder still, all of us have known marriages to fail because of one or both partners’ “unintentional maintenance oversight.” He didn’t pay attention to her. She didn’t seem interested in him. Oh, there were occasional signs of trouble, but they weren’t pursued aggressively enough to repair the relationship properly. So one day the marriage came apart and crashed—maiming both adults and kids.

It would be wise to begin this week by checking the maintenance logs. Be thorough. Leave no stone unturned. And be bold in addressing the deficiencies.

That's a modern version of the old poem that goes:

For want of a nail,
A shoe was lost,
For want of a shoe,
A horse was lost,
For want of a horse,
A king was lost,
For want of a king,
A kingdom was lost!

In IT, we should say...

For want of a Maintenance Budget
The company was close;
For want of a company,
The GM mourns and regret!

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The Middle East's Premier Information Technology & communications Event.
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A bi-lingual Portal for the “General Organization for Social Insurance” in KSA. Visitors can subscribe to GOSI mailing list, send e-cards, participate in polls, search the site, check GOSI news and its insurance affairs. GOSI was established to apply social insurance rules and implement its regulation, particularly, concerning achieving the lawfully social coverage, collecting contributions from employers and paying benefits to entitled insured persons or their family members.


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Portal for the “Special Investigation Commission” in Lebanon. The portal is easy navigate and advanced search for each one of the following dynamic sections that are frequently updated and managed from a user friendly back office: News & Events, Training & Seminars, Newsletters and Typologies. News articles are updated daily in the homepage, facts, information and knowledge are being shared here, so watch out money launderers!


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For those who seek the ultimate in relaxation, amidst natural beauty and splendor, BZOMMAR PALACE HOTEL is magnificently set against the backdrop of Lebanon’s snow capped mountains, where the bright green 100 year old pine trees, rise up to meet the pale blue sky and majestic mountains bathed in cool breezes, in a unique ecologically sound environment.


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A flash animation introduce Capital Suites Hotel website. The website is in English and includes information about the hotel, location, rooms, etc. The visitor can send a reservation request from the website.


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The 58 hotel suites are newly renovated. They are all furnished to give its occupant a relaxing and a charming atmosphere. All suites have a private balcony, a kitchenette and are en-suite with standard amenities. The Site simply showcases the hotel and brings insight to its quality of service and an online reservation can be made directly from the site.


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» Netways Partners with Docuware
Netways partners with Docuware to provide integrated document management solutions for its dedicated clients. Docuware was founded in 1988, a pioneer in electronic filing. Today the company ranks among the worldwide leading software companies for integrated document management solutions with more than 5,500 installations and tens of thousands of users in over 50 countries. The software is distributed by over 400 resellers creating a worldwide independent authorized reseller network of over 1000 DocuWare experts-bringing DocuWare close to its customers, worldwide. [ details ]

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» Netways Offers New Product (RightFax) From Captaris

Captaris, Inc. (NASDAQ: CAPA), a leading provider of business information delivery solutions, today announced the immediate availability of the latest edition of Captaris RightFax 8.7. The new product release extends market-leading enterprise fax and e-document delivery capabilities with support for IBM Lotus Notes 6.0 and 6.5, Microsoft Windows 2003 certifications and enhanced features to enable more simplified, streamlined administration, monitoring and secure document delivery for enterprise-wide applications. RightFax 8.7 also broadens functionality with integrations to leading applications, messaging, workflow and multifunction devices. These flexible enhancements help organizations improve their efficiency, streamline business information delivery and reduce costs by integrating and automating the flow of a full range of fax, paper and electronic documents and data. [ details ]

7 Reasons for Opening Your Own Merchant Account
It's true that your number of orders increases if you can accept credit card payment on-line. The reason is that on- line buyers are usually impulse buyers and credit card payment provides a convenience means for them to buy. To accept credit card payment on-line, you either open your own merchant account or use a third party on-line payment service provider.