An expert on the subject of time management was speaking to a group of business students. He stood in front of these high-powered overachievers, pulled out a one-gallon, wide-mouthed Mason jar, and set it on a table in front of him. Then he produced about a dozen fist-sized rocks and carefully placed them, one at a time, into the jar. When the jar was filled to the top and no more rocks would fit inside, he asked, "Is this jar full?"
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News for the » "2nd Quarter of 2004"...

Click for more details...» Netways Appointment as Microsoft's M.E. CRM Advisor

Netways is proud to announce being the first Microsoft CRM Certified Software Advisors (CSA) in Lebanon within the Eastern Mediterranean subsidiary allowing us to provide Microsoft CRM applications & services @ a high level of professionalism. [ details ]

» Netways R&D Manager Heads to for Financial Conference

The Microsoft Financial Developer Conference 2004 in Redmond Washington.. The event was mainly focused on the following Subjects: · Building BizTalk Solutions for the Financial Industries - SWIFT, Code Security and .Net and latest updates. [ details ]

Click for more details...» Netways #1 with Highest Hosting Market Share

Ones again Netways prove its leadership ahead from competitors, because of its remarkable customer service and quality of deliverable, with around 1,000 projects in Lebanon alone and over 2,000 projects in the whole region. [ details ]

Click for more details...» Netways Appreciated by King Abdel Aziz City for Science and Technology

Netways receives a Plaque of Appreciation from King Abdel Aziz City for Science and Technology and AAST for being the Electronic Sponsor of its SRO3 Scientific Research & Technology Symposium in the Arab Region. [ details ]

Click for more details...» Arab Thought Foundation decides for RED DOT CMS

Translated text (altavista translation) and edited by Netways Editor (see below for original transcript in German):

The RED DOT Solutions AG continues to develop its position also on the Arab market. With the Arab Thought Foundation, a government-independent organization with seat in Beirut, Lebanon, could win further customer in the Arab area.

The Arab Thought Foundation will maintain its bilingual Website in the future with RED DOT content management server (CMS). An important criterion for the decision: RED DOT CMS supports all international character sets and has an Arab user surface.

The organization wants to promote the development of the Arab society and to support the dialogue of Arabs in other parts of the world. Board of directors consists of industrial leaders, scientists, writers and politicians from the region.

[Website of the Arab Thougt Foundation]

Note: Arab Thought is

Click for more details...» Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) Opts for RedDot CMS

Excerpts taken from Red Dot
The largest petrochemical company in the Middle East, SABIC, has relaunched its corporate Web site using RedDot CMS. All information on the site is available in English and Arabic. The RedDot Arabic user interface was a key factor in the company's decision.

SABIC is the eleventh largest manufacturer of petrochemical products worldwide. It has 16,000 employees, 2,300 of them in Europe alone. In the choice of a suitable content management system for its Web site, multilingual capability was an important factor. SABIC was looking for a system that could easily process Arabic characters. Additional points in favour of RedDot included ease of use via the SmartEdit user interface, and the technical support offered by local partners. In the final selection round, RedDot triumphed over Microsoft's CMS.

"RedDot's Arabic user interface, which allows you to write from right to left, has attracted a great deal of interest in the Arabic-speaking world", said Eric Heiligenstein, Vice President Business Development for RedDot Solutions. "The order placed by SABIC, one of the largest companies in the region, will have a signalling effect throughout the Middle East. A number of other major companies in the region have already expressed definite purchase intentions."

RedDot Solutions is represented on the Arab and Asian markets by a number of partners who assist customers in planning and implementing content management solutions. Reference customers such as the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) or the Lebanese bank BBAC illustrate the leading position of RedDot Solutions as a vendor of content management technology.

Behind the scenes: read SABIC Application Case Study

For more info about how to Apply Red Dot, contact us.

Regional News and Events

Click for more details...» Arab Advisors Groups Media and Telecommunications Convergence Conference 2004

The Media and Telecommunications Convergence Conference 2004 was held successfully in Jordan during the 10th and 11th of June. Arab Advisors Group's Media and Telecommunications Convergence Conference 2004 was an ideal forum for discussions, debates and networking on the convergence trends underway in the Arab media and telecom markets.

Close to 300 delegates from over 100 companies was at the conference. Represented companies include Ameinfo, BBC, Cisco Systems, Batelco, Cyberia Holdings, Digital Systems Middle East SAE, Digital Television Times, Fastlink, Gulf Marketing Review, Intel GmbH, JAWWAL, Jordan Radio Paging Company, Jordan Telecom, Maktoob, MEC, Menafn, IMC, MTC Vodafone, Mobilecom, Jordinvest, MobiNil, Motorola, Nour Communications Co., Orbit Network, and more.[ details ]

» Value and Belief Based Leadership at Leaders in Dubai

Former Mayor of New York City and Time Magazine's Person of the year for 2001 Rudolph Giuliani made headlines and became an American icon in the aftermath of September 11. His calm and effective leadership, boundless energy and laser-like focus allowed him to lead his administration through the crisis like few people could.

Rudolph Giuliani will discuss Value and Belief Based Leadership at Leaders in Dubai. "Leaders are influenced by those they admire".[ details ]

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