Edition No. 8 Issue 37 Date:13.05.2006 - 15.04.1427
Netways was established in 1996 by a group of talented people with a wide array of technical and business skills. Our singular mission and desire was to pioneer a new way in the Internet revolution, which we did, naming the new venture after our collective vision: Netways. Today, company and colleagues are leaders in every aspect of e-business enterprise solutions from initial strategic consulting through development, hosting, management and marketing of online services.
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For the second year in a row, Netways receives the �Largest Growth by Partner� for the Middle East & Africa region
The annual International Partner Conference was held this year in Lisbon, Portugal between the 2nd and the 5th of April 2006, with a record attendance of over 250 people who came from Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, and Latin America.

The four-day event held at the Marriott Hotel in Lisbon aimed at educating partners about the latest Captaris product updates and success stories shared by other partners, inform them of the company's strategic goals for the coming year and the key trends in the market, and honor outstanding partner achievements.
During the event, Netways received two awards
  • Largest Growth by Partner in 2005 for the Middle East & Africa region
  • 2005 Customer Success Story on the international level
Jean Moussa �Regional Manager � KSA� received the award from Captaris CEO David Anatasi.
Roula Moussa, Netways General Manager, presented a session which focused on Netways methodology and path to go from a product to a solution, offering its customers and partners with a comprehensive and smart solution �Bringing IT all together�. In addition, she highlighted a set of success stories for projects which were implemented during the year in the Middle East region.

Netways on the jury committee of the 2nd Annual Engineering and Computer Science Project Exposition � AUST
Netways was invited to be on the jury committee of the 2nd Annual Engineering and Computer Science Project Exposition which was held on Wednesday, May 31, 2006 at the AUST � Ashrafieh Campus. During this event, Netways Solution Specialist Vassili Valerik was on the jury committee and evaluated the projects in order to select the superior one for it to be recognized and rewarded. This way, the students will be acknowledged for their exceptional achievements. Students showed live demonstrations of the projects in order to explain the features and functionalities which were accomplished.

At the end, Netways received a medal from AUST thanking Netways team members for being part of the jury and contributing to this academic event. Netways was proud to be part of this event as it contributed to enhancing the academic level in Lebanese universities through a professional examination of the students� projects. At last, Netways is looking forward to participate in next year�s event and to work hand in hand with Lebanese universities in order to help them provide better education and improve the professional level of their graduating students.
Netways and Microsoft organized a �SharePoint Event� in Beirut
Netways prepared a �SharePoint Event� jointly with Microsoft. This occasion coincided with Netways 10th anniversary.

The event was held on Thursday March 30th, 2006 in the Habtoor Grand Hotel � Sin El Fil, with the attendance of more than hundred professionals, CEOs and IT managers, from various sectors in Lebanon, mainly Banks, Government, Industries, and Telecommunications, where all the attendees were eager to share with Netways the SharePoint expertise, and align their needs with the best possible benefits and solutions we offer.

The event was a memorable success story to keep in Netways� records, fulfilling altogether, as one team, our mission in �bringing IT all together� and always be the regional leader providing the latest and preeminent in terms of solutions and technology innovations.

During this event Netways launched the SharePoint web site which was created to highlight its expertise and offerings in the SharePoint area of services and implementations.

Also all participants were offered a prize coupon in case they deploy Microsoft SharePoint with us within a limited period of time.
Netways took part in major Lebanese job fairs
Netways is growing a lot and is undertaking many new projects. In order to be able to fulfill these commitments and to be able to live up to this challenge, Netways is trying to reinforce its team to always deliver the best in terms of quality and efficiency.

As a result, Netways is searching for the best breed in the market to recruit and develop. Many vacant positions are available and these positions are distributed within Netways 5 major departments: IT, Sales, Web Solution, Project Management Office, Administrative Office.

Netways participated in the Careers exhibition at Biel where a big number of applicants presented their CVs showing great interest in joining Netways team. Afterwards, Netways participated in the AUB, LAU-Beirut, LAU-Byblos, and UOB job fairs where students majoring mainly in Computer Science and Computer Engineering were interested to join the company.

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