Edition No. 8 Issue 38 June / July - 2006
Netways was established in 1996 by a group of talented people with a wide array of technical and business skills. Our singular mission and desire was to pioneer a new way in the Internet revolution, which we did, naming the new venture after our collective vision: Netways. Today, company and colleagues are leaders in every aspect of e-business enterprise solutions from initial strategic consulting through development, hosting, management and marketing of online services.
More About Netways
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Gulf Finance House

About GFH
Established on October 16, 1999 in the Kingdom of Bahrain as an Islamic investment bank, Gulf Finance House B.S.C. (GFH) has a paid up capital of US$ 135 million and an authorized capital of US$ 300 million. At the cutting edge of the rapidly expanding international Islamic banking industry, the Bank�s commitment is to the Islamic Shari'a philosophy of wealth management and this shapes the structure and direction of its investment products.

A complete portal solution was implemented to assist the company in managing the corporate shared information, organize the company�s document structure, automate the internal workflows and enhance the employee�s productivity.

Netways delivered L&T In India
Netways delivered L&T with a Business Process Automation framework based on Captaris Workflow for advanced Integration with their ERP solution based on BAAN.
L&T technical team and business users undertook a long evaluation process to select a solution that would be the best fit for their strategic IT plan and ever growing requirements and Captaris Workflow turned out to out-beat its competitors.
Using the Rapid Application Development tools of Captaris Workflow, combined with the expertise and best practices of Netways, L&T endeavoured an ambitious automation plan that will enable more streamlined and agile business. Netways services were rated �up to the mark� by L&T Team.

About L&T
The evolution of L&T into India's largest engineering and construction organizations is among the most remarkable success stories in Indian industry. The company was founded in Bombay (Mumbai) in 1938 by two Danish engineers, Henning Holck-Larsen and Soren Kristian Toubro - both of whom were strongly committed to developing India's engineering talent and enabling it to meet the demands of the industry. Beginning with the import of machinery from Europe, L&T rapidly took on engineering and construction assignments of increased sophistication. Today, the company sets engineering benchmarks in terms of scale and complexity. L&T's signature of excellence is evident on:

  • India's first indigenous hydrocracker reactor
  • Oil and gas platform projects executed to global benchmarks
  • The world's largest continuous catalyst regeneration reactor
  • The simultaneous execution of clean fuel projects at eight refineries around India
  • The world's biggest fluid catalytic cracking regenerator
  • The world's longest product splitter
  • Asia's highest viaduct - built for the Konkan Railway
  • The world's longest LPG pipeline
  • The world's longest cross country conveyor
  • Building an international class football stadium in 260 days

CYTA Case Study
Cyta was assisted by Microsoft to implement Microsoft SharePoint in order to improve relationship and collaboration among the teams in the different departments. As SharePoint stimulates teamwork and teams cooperation in Cyta�s daily business activities, the latter looked further to go an additional step towards automating business and reducing activities� costs.
Cyta planned to begin the automation project by developing the International Invoicing workflow.

The Financial department and the Materials Management department at Cyta were struggling in handling purchase orders and invoices. They needed a system that is able to automatically route the orders and the invoices submitted and/or received by the customers to the concerned people in order to have their approval or to inform them to take consequent actions.

Microsoft advised Cyta to get assistance from Netways to develop their automated workflows on top of Captaris Workflow. Therefore, a consultancy period provided by Netways was planned to take place in Cyta. Netways assisted Cyta�s IT department with the development on top of Captaris Workflow. The consultancy period included an intensive training phase on Captaris Workflow and a development phase which consisted of designing part of the International Invoicing Workflow; the rest to be developed by Cyta�s IT development team.
Netways Successfully Launches EMAAR Incubator
The regional real estate giant EMAAR appointed Netways to automate its internal Suggestion Scheme to boost creativity and keep the lead in an ever growing market.

"Where Ideas take flight" is the slogan under which EMAAR launched its Incubator, the fully automated and enhanced Suggestion Scheme.

Netways invested its proven expertise in Business Process Automation using Captaris Workflow to seamlessly automate the Suggestion Scheme within EMAAR�s Intranet Portal. The project involved heavy integration of Captaris Workflow with EMAAR�s Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server and was under direct supervision and collaboration of Microsoft Consultancy Services who especially recognized the professionalism and expertise that Netways demonstrated before and during the project.

Using the Incubator, EMAAR employees can use the Portal to create, track and review suggestions whilst Management can have a global and timely view about the implementation status of all suggestions as well as reports on various performance and cost indicators.

The Incubator implementation heavily leveraged the one of its kind seamless integration of Captaris Workflow and Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003, Active Directory, SQL Server 2000 and the Microsoft .NET Framework that was intensively leveraged to create all forms, web parts and reports of the Incubator.

The Incubator, launched on June 2005, is now used by around 500 users in all EMAAR offices and branches.

According to Mr. Masood Al Awar, Director of CRM Department and Project Owner, "The Incubator on-line automated system solved the difficulties of previous programs by addressing the speed of evaluation, user friendliness of the system, and continuous interaction with the employees".

About Investcom
Investcom is a leading international provider of mobile telecommunications services with operations in eight countries in Africa, the Middle East and Europe. Its mobile operations comprise the most significant part of Investcom business, generating 88.1% of its consolidated gross revenues in the first six months of 2005.

With all its operations, spread in Africa, Middle East and Europe Investcom had the problem of connecting these people spread across the globe, and centralize their corporate access to one place, along with the need of unifying their internal processes.

Investcom implemented its intranet SharePoint portal solution as a single access point accessed by all employees to all applications and information. Through the personalized and dynamic portal access, the goal was to enable all employees to share ideas and information, and experience the family and team spirit that should congregate the distributed workforce across departments in Lebanon's head office, or even across the different operations. The solution enabled Investcom to automate and integrate its internal business processes using Captaris Workflow within SharePoint platform, as well as providing a full set of collaboration and personalization features for end-users.


  • Provide a deeply integrated, scalable, dynamic, and robust extranet portal solution

  • Maximize performance and sharing of knowledge information
  • Acquaint people with the Portal concept and the collaboration spirit it involves
  • Streamline employees productivity by empowering the corporate identity belonging
  • Promote ongoing learning and communication
  • Increase Efficiency by automation

Netways automates Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank�s IT department procedures in record time and provides ADIB with a state of the art IT Support System.
Serving more than 20 branches throughout the UAE, ADIB IT Department has a considerable number of support requests of different types to deal with on daily basis. With a huge amount of paper-requests and complex organizational structure and policies, ADIB IT Department had to streamline its support procedures and switch into a completely paperless environment where business rules, approval policies and organizational relationships are easily and flexibly configured.

Netways leveraged the Rapid Application Development capabilities of Captaris Workflow to deliver ADIB with an End-to-End solution in record time. Netways provided ADIB with consultancy, development, training and support services to implement a State of the Art IT Support Solution automating all the bank�s IT Support Requests with advanced features including:

  • Advanced Integration with Active Directory for automatic user creation / control.
  • Integration with the bank�s existing Help Desk application
  • Support of user profiling and �application packages� for each user profile
  • Support for existing HR application
  • Exchange integration for email notifications
Throughout the project, ADIB highly appreciated Netways� professional approach, technical skills and commitment to deliver the best Quality of Service.

Business Process Automation will be progressively rolled out across all ADIB divisions using Captaris Workflow.

Capivest Portal
About Capivest
Capivest is a leading Islamic institution operating in Bahrain and throughout the region. Registered as an investment bank under Bahrain Monetary Agency (BMA) laws, Capivest holds an Investment Banking license. Capivest has an extensive client base conducting business to a high level of satisfaction in accordance with Shari�a principles.

Capivest already operates an HTML based intranet that provides access to departmental and product information as well as key documents and forms.
The information is provided via static HTML pages whose contents are managed by a Webmaster.The Capivest intranet also provides access to MS InfoPath and MS Excel based forms.

A complete SharePoint solution was deployed within Capivest in order to enable Capivest users anytime-anywhere access to information, communication and collaboration services. The solution objectives are to empower Capivest employees and strengthen their identity belonging, and at the same time make the portal a central repository of fast and dynamic access to information and services.


  • Create an information sharing & communications framework
  • Generate new opportunities for collaboration and productivity enhancement
  • Combat the waste of time, effort and materials
  • Roll out of the Sharepoint Portal Server as the intranet platform
  • Map the access levels for Capivest internal users
  • Streamline collaboration through Projects Team Sites
Al Marai Group Business Process Automation Solution Enhances Business Rules and Increases Efficiency for Temporary Credit Request with .Net Technology and the Captaris Workflow Solutions Integrated and Accessed From Different Depots
Al Marai, meaning 'green pastures' in Arabic, was able to easily and cost-effectively automate their Temporary Credit Request and switch it from manually applying and calculating to fully integrated and automated business through the use of ASP.Net Web Application and Captaris Workflow. By automating business processes and enabling centralized control of information, Al Marai was able to reduce both the costs, risks, and time delay, increasing efficiency enhancing and not duplicating its business rules.

Al Marai Company was planning to have a workflow and business automation solution and to start by automating the sales and marketing processes and procedures. The first process to be automated was the Temporary Credit Request. Al Marai needed a very robust and well known system that has many installations and deployments locally and worldwide. What Al Marai was requesting for, was a workflow automation solution to automate, manage and control their business processes to reduce error, mitigate risk, reduce process cycle times, minimize manual activities, increase forecasting and tracking, provide compliance and regulatory control, and improve reporting and analysis.

Al Marai was seeking a qualified vendor to install deploy and develop the business automation needs. Being one of the region�s leading experts, Netways was chosen to consult, develop, implement, train, and support the solution.
By using Captaris Workflow and ASP.NET, Netways Arabia was able to come up with a cost-effective satisfactory solution for Al Marai.
Sales Supervisors are now able to log in to the system using their existing user names and passwords � Single Sign On methodology across multiple domains, and easily apply to a Temporary Credit Request. By filling three values, the form smartly knows the rest of the values and is automatically filled by information from the depot Oracle Database and by client side calculations.
By applying to a Temporary Credit Request, the sale supervisor�s data is fully grabbed from the database residing in his location Depot. Different depots have different data and thresholds and hence different business rules to be applied to the model.
The system smartly detects the number and availability of approvers and forwards the form to the respective approver.
Ministry of Industry & Commerce
About MOIC
The Ministry of Industry & Commerce is responsible for a diverse range of activities which make up the commercial environment in Bahrain, including the registration of all forms of commercial business, commercial agencies, industrial property, standards and metrology, foreign trade as well as a number of other related activities. In general the Ministry's aim is to ensure the maintenance of an open, transparent and market driven commercial environment so as to develop Bahrain's economic competitiveness, and to encourage inward investment, at the same time promoting employment for the local population.

The Minister's office receives external communications through hand delivery, post/courier, fax, and e-mail. once received by the Minister�s Office, a hard copy of this document, along with an internal instruction memo is sent to one or two persons to take the necessary actions as specified by the Minister. This current paper based process has many disadvantages, the most critical one being the inability to follow-up the status of the document.

A functional solution was implemented based on the strategic use of Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server and Microsoft Office to deliver the requirements stated by the Ministry. The solution is a case management system embedded in centralized portal interface that provides a central place to access, manage, share, and interact with relevant information, documents, applications and people. The portal facilitates end-to-end collaboration by enabling aggregation, organization, and search capabilities for people, teams, and information.
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