Edition No. 8 Issue 37 March / April - 2006
Netways was established in 1996 by a group of talented people with a wide array of technical and business skills. Our singular mission and desire was to pioneer a new way in the Internet revolution, which we did, naming the new venture after our collective vision: Netways. Today, company and colleagues are leaders in every aspect of e-business enterprise solutions from initial strategic consulting through development, hosting, management and marketing of online services.
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Workflow training in Dubai

With the continuous increase in the number of resellers and partners, Netways Keeps on organizing Captaris training all over the Middle East, Training in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Pakistan, Beirut, and other countries were conducted and in the picture shows Rami Farran Captaris Product Manager in Riyadh.
For the second year in a row, Netways receives the "Largest Growth by Partner" for the Middle East & Africa region
The annual International Partner Conference was held this year in Lisbon, Portugal between the 2nd and the 5th of April 2006, with a record attendance of over 250 people who came from Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, and Latin America.
The four-day event held at the Marriott Hotel in Lisbon aimed at educating partners about the latest Captaris product updates and success stories shared by other partners, inform them of the company's strategic goals for the coming year and the key trends in the market, and honor outstanding partner achievements.

During the event, Netways received two awards

  • Largest Growth by Partner in 2005 for the Middle East & Africa region
  • 2005 Customer Success Story on the international level
Jean Moussa "Regional Manager � KSA" received the award from Captaris CEO David Anatasi.

Roula Moussa, Netways General Manager, presented a session which focused on Netways methodology and path to go from a product to a solution, offering its customers and partners with a comprehensive and smart solution "Bringing IT all together". In addition, she highlighted a set of success stories for projects which were implemented during the year in the Middle East region.

Netways and Microsoft organized a "SharePoint Event" in Beirut

The event was held on Thursday March 30th, 2006 in the Habtoor Grand Hotel – Sin El Fil, with the attendance of more than hundred professionals, CEOs and IT managers, from various sectors in Lebanon, mainly Banks, Government, Industries, and Telecommunications, where all the attendees were eager to share with Netways SharePoint expertise, and align their needs with the best possible benefits and solutions we do offer.

The event was a memorable success story to keep in Netways’ records, fulfilling altogether, as one team, our mission in "Bringing IT all Together" and always be the regional leader providing the latest and preeminent in terms of solutions and technology innovations.

During this event Netways launched the SharePoint web site www.netways.com/sps that was created to highlight its expertise and offerings in the SharePoint area of services and implementations.
Also all participants were offered a prize coupon in case they deploy Microsoft SharePoint with Netways.
Netways prepared a "SharePoint Event" jointly with Microsoft. This occasion coincided with Netways 10th anniversary.
Netways delivers Implementation of Business Process Automation at DED with Internal Workflow Project
Complete automation of two internal processes to enhance efficiency and lead to full-fledged e-Government measures
The Department of Economic Development (DED) announced that it had taken significant steps towards full-fledged e-Government procedures, with the complete automation of two of its internal business processes.

Entitled, “DED Internal Workflow Project,” the initiative is expected to lead to the total automation of all internal processes at the Department, thereby enabling the DED to offer value-added services to all its stakeholders. The two processes that were completely automated in the first phase included the suggestion schemes and the IT help desk.

“This initiative has been launched to streamline and automate our internal processes first, before building on our strengths to extend automated services to our external stakeholders,” said Mr. Khalid Al Kassim, Deputy Director General for Planning & Development, DED. “Focus on upgrading our internal processes will enable us to improve our efficiency and enable us to reach our final objective of turning the DED into the best IT-run Government Department in Dubai,” he added.

The automation of the Suggestion schemes system enables the programmed process of an idea from the time it is initiated online till a decision has been taken. Suggestions for improvements can be submitted by the DED staff or the public either internally from SharePoint or externally from one of DED’s web sites.

The second internal process at the DED to have been automated is the ‘IT help desk,’ which assists the IT department to handle support issues from both internal users as well as the public more efficiently. It provides quicker and informative resolution as well as allowing the IT manager to view performance measurement of support staff.

The automation allows the process to be tracked through a series of automatic email shots to appropriate persons, who direct it to the next level until a decision is taken. Generation of automatic reminder email shots and tracking the time taken at each step is part of the automation process that enables senior managers at the Department to monitor the process.
Netways invested its proven expertise in Captaris Workflow, which seamlessly integrates with the Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003 (the intranet at the DED), Microsoft MOM, Microsoft SMS, Microsoft Content Management System (CMS), Microsoft Office 2003 and the DED Time Attendance System.

The Department of Economic Development rewards Netways
(Netways’ services rated EXCELLENT)

Based on the outstanding performance and delivery demonstrated by Netways, the Department of Economic Development (DED) rated our service level as Excellent. This reward confirms Netways leadership and commitment to a continuously improved customer loyalty.

Captaris launches the newest version of Captaris Workflow "Version 6.0"

This new version Offers the Following New Capabilities
Captaris Workflow 6.0 Delivers a Powerful New Visual Studio 2005 Development Workspace
Captaris Workflow 6.0 still provides users with all the resources of the existing workflow client IDE development environment, but now also provides workflow developers the ability to rapidly create robust workflow solutions while exploiting the new capabilities provided by the .NET 2.0 Framework and Visual Studio 2005.

Captaris Workflow 6.0 Supports the New .NET 2.0 Framework
The new .NET 2.0 framework (ASP.NET 2.0) provides developers with increased control and flexibility regarding data management and access. Developers will now have the ability to reduce the code that is needed to access and display data by encapsulating functionality in new data controls. The new data access model and controls may reduce data access code by as much as 70 percent. Many of the features designed manually in traditional ASP or ASP.NET 1.1 applications are now built into the new data controls. This new architecture for data access is also very extensible and is designed to access data from many different sources, including databases, XML files, flat files, data streams and more. Enterprise developers can now utilize the new architecture to connect to any data source back end, while still using a single, simple interface on the front end.

Captaris Workflow 6.0 Supports Both SQL Server 2000 and 2005
Captaris Workflow is now able to be installed on either SQL Server 2000 or SQL Server 2005. This provides organizations with the flexibility to install the new version of Captaris Workflow on SQL Server 2000 now, without impacting the functionality, and upgrade later to SQL 2005.
Microsoft indicates that the SQL Server 2005 release will provide improved access to data, improved Business Intelligence (BI) reporting and analysis, improved performance, scale and integrated developer tools. It is expected that these new capabilities will be quickly embraced by organizations and that the adoption of SQL Server 2005 will progress rapidly.
Captaris Workflow typically presents new product features in correlation with the customer adoption of new technologies.
While future releases of Captaris Workflow will target expanded exploitation of the new capabilities of SQL Server 2005, the 6.0 release is intended to provide support of the new SQL release without adversely impacting existing SQL Server 2000 customers. Future releases of Captaris Workflow will contain additional new SQL Server 2005 features. Captaris Workflow 6.0 also features an Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) data cube, based on the SQL Server 2000 DTS (Data Transformation Services) deployment packaging in order to support existing SQL 2000 customers. SQL Server 2005 customers will also be able to deploy the cube using the legacy DTS structure.

Captaris Workflow 6.0 Adopts a New SOA Structured Deployment
Architecture on SharePoint Portal Server
Captaris Workflow is used by many customers and developers to provide structure, control and process management to SharePoint sites. Captaris Workflow 6.0 also offers a new alternative deployment architecture that places a lighter footprint onto SharePoint servers. This new architecture closely emulates a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) structure and, therefore, not only simplifies a new deployment, but should also receive the endorsement and support of most enterprise system architects.
Organizations with an existing SharePoint deployment wishing to upgrade to Captaris Workflow 6.0 will need to consider all the installation options in order to fully understand the architectural benefits and implications of the new deployment schemas.
Technical documentation is available to help explain these options.

Captaris Workflow 6.0 Includes an Expanded Workflow Simulation Module for Business Process Analysts
In addition to providing some key enhancements to business process developers, this release also supplies business analysts with expanded capabilities.
The Captaris Workflow Simulation Module empowers business process analysts to perform "what-if" scenarios to improve and optimize processes and anticipate resource requirements. Analysts are able to compress time and simulate several hours or days of work activity into a few seconds or real time. This means that within a few hours an analyst is able to simulate several weeks of "what-if" virtual activity without directly impacting real business activities.
This provides organizations with a powerful productivity tool and enables managers to effectively optimize and improve workflows prior to or even following production deployments.
The module is updated in this release with a more up-to-date look and feel and a simple simulation workflow model design canvas. The initial release of the simulation module enabled process analysts to import a Captaris Workflow MOD file, add configuration and resource parameters, and then, run the simulation to analyze potential bottlenecks, estimate resource costs and generate reports. The newly expanded module builds upon the previous capability and not only allows individuals to import a workflow and run simulations but also includes an interactive design canvas to allow users to modify the workflow simulations by adding tasks to the workflow simulation, including sub-processes (or work units), comparing simulation runs, generating comparison reports and performing more analysis even faster than before.

Captaris Workflow 6.0 Enables Users from Multiple Domains to Access Workflow Processes
Captaris Workflow 6.0 provides the ability to have multiple domains from which workflow users are assigned.

The domain may be chosen at sign-on time using names from domains:

  • Created in Captaris Workflow
  • Imported from a computer
  • Imported from Novell networks
  • Imported from domains not using Windows authentication

This multidomain capability removes the limitation of having duplicate user names from different domains by including the specific domain. It allows larger organizations with multiple domains to have access to workflow processes and assignments, preventing an assignment to the wrong person with a duplicate name compromising data sharing or responsibility issues.


The only Saudi company to be recognized at UAE Insurex 2006 Conference

BUPA Middle East (soon to be known in the market as BUPA Arabia), is part of the BUPA Group, one of largest international private health insurance companies, with an annual turnover that exceeds USD 5.6 billion. BUPA serves more than 7.8 million members in over 180 counties and is the leading health insurance provider in the UK, Spain, and Hong Kong and is growing rapidly in Ireland, Australia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Singapore and China. Recently, BUPA International further expanded its reach with the acquisition of AMEDEX based in the United States and IHI.

The BUPA Group owns and manages 25 hospitals, most of them with ISO 9002 certification, 297 care homes and 34 health screening centers throughout the UK, 49 special care complexes, 40 children�s nurseries and 220 approved health clubs. It employs more than 41,000 employees worldwide.

Jeddah, May 2006 - BUPA Middle East, the leading health care insurer in Saudi Arabia won the e-business award during the 2006 Middle East Insurance Awards held RECENTLY in Dubai, UAE. The award for BUPA Middle East was the first for a Saudi-based insurance company since the yearly event started. The Middle East Insurance Awards is part of the 2006 Insurex Conference, the region�s premier insurance conference endorsed by Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Deputy Ruler of Dubai and the UAE�s Minister of Finance and Industry.

The Middle East Insurance Award is the only region-wide industry award open to all insurance companies in the GCC and the Middle East. Like previous years, this year�s winners were selected by an independent panel of judges who are specialists in the insurance industry. The award for BUPA Middle East puts the spotlight on the high-growth medical insurance market in Saudi Arabia as it proves that the Saudi insurance industry is at par with other world class organizations.

Accepting the award, Wayne Close, Chief Operating Officer of BUPA Middle East, said,"This honor, the first ever for a Saudi insurance company, recognizes our commitment to provide superior customer service through better technology. For the past decade, BUPA Middle East has been a major driving force in the health insurance industry. We do that by harnessing the benefits of innovative technology. In 2005 alone, we have invested significant amount of capital to further improve our technological and e-business capabilities."

In 2005, BUPA Middle East implemented three major e-business projects that have directly impacted both internal efficiency and service delivery. These projects were delivered on time and on budget. The first one was CAESAR, a robust and flexible proprietary operating system which provided a significant service improvement for all BUPA stakeholders. The second project is e-Claims, a program which makes the processing of medical claims more efficient and cost effective for both BUPA Middle East and its vast network of hospitals and clinics within Saudi Arabia.

The third project is e-Service, which includes the re-launching of the BUPA Middle East website www.bupa.com.sa giving its clients and hospitals network access to BUPA Middle East�s secure system to transact business online and in real time. Equally important, BUPA members in most of the large private hospitals can now get their treatment pre-authorised electronically. This e-service is extremely efficient as it has more than halved on average pre-authorisation turnaround times.
Wayne Close also expressed his gratitude to the BUPA Middle East team for its continuous dedication to customer service, pointing out that, following a groundbreaking year for BUPA�s e-business projects last year, 2006 will bring even more opportunities to enhance business efficiency and improve customer service through technological innovation.

In the aim to strengthen its relation with the main technology providers "Microsoft" and "Captaris", Netways created two partners related portals.

Netways Launches a Specialized site for Captaris Workflow
Captaris Workflow is one of Netways nine pillars. In fact, Netways built over years of experience a unique know-how and became proficient in implementing and customizing this product to its clients.

This portal was launched in Captaris International Event in Las Vegas where it was presented as a source for illustrating what Netways does in terms of consultancy services and how its professional team accomplishes this mission. In addition, the vertical sectors in which the company has excelled are shown through clients� case studies. The possibility to become one of Netways Channel Partners has also been explained for interested entities through this portal.

Netways Launches a Specialized site for "Microsoft SharePoint" Server
"Microsoft ShaPoint Portal Server" portal includes a list of Netways proprietary web parts, as well as Netways customer case studies and a clear description on Netways methodology and approach to deliver intranet portals allowing employees to efficiently execute their work and access all enterprise applications and data.

This portal was launched during the SharePoint event that took place in Beirut and it aimed to help companies understand more what we offer in terms of solutions and web parts we have developed.

Web Parts Include the following:
  • Active Directory Security
  • Drop Down Links
  • List Searcher
  • Members
  • My Exchange Folders
  • Organization Chart
  • Quote of the Day
  • Redirector
  • Scrolling News
  • Site Map
  • SMS Web Part
  • Prayer Times
  • Push Alerts
  • Weather Forecast
  • Welcome User
  • Map (And much more...)

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