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"In the past, we had difficulty retrieving customer data when requested. Now, not only can we provide customers with quotes more quickly, we can dedicate more time to focusing on their future requirements by tracking their past transactions and specifications…"
Sean McCarthy
Chief Executive Officer
Elite Flooring & Design
"Customers know they are our top priority because we no longer have to ask, what did we do for you last year? "
Sean McCarthy
Chief Executive Officer
Elite Flooring & Design
"Our goal is to consistently create value to our customers with innovative products and services that exceed their expectations. Microsoft CRM is an important tool in allowing us to do that by making our salespeople more knowledgeable of each customer’s unique needs…"
Mike Dabner
Director of Operations
UCS Forest Group
“With Microsoft CRM, our sales and customer service people finally have the ability to work together in one system—and are able to track virtually any kind of customer activity.”
Travis Pierce
IT Operations Manager
Warn Industries, Inc.
A 5 percent improvement in customer retention rates can yield a 25 percent to 100
percent increase in profits

In a market where there is High competition, High market demands, customers are becoming extremely
We have the tools and methodologies to help you Increase your Profit, Beat your Competitors
and Gain more Opportunities.
Our CRM solution helps sales people manage leads and opportunities, measure and forecast sales activity, efficiently track customer communications, and automate stages in the sales process—helping ensure a shorter cycle, higher close rates, and improved customer retention.
Our CRM solution makes it easy for service representatives to track customer requests, manage support incidents from initial contact through resolution, and provide the consistent, efficient service key to customer satisfaction.
Create Higher Quality of service throughout the sales cycle from Marketing to Leads, Sales activities, Opportunities, Orders, and then to Service, etc… Your enterprise will enjoy a smooth flow of information, activities and monitoring.

Netways is the first Certified Microsoft Business Solutions - CRM Partner in the Middle East.

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