Edition No. 8 Issue 40 Jan - 2007
Netways was established in 1996 by a group of talented people with a wide array of technical and business skills. Our singular mission and desire was to pioneer a new way in the Internet revolution, which we did, naming the new venture after our collective vision: Netways. Today, company and colleagues are leaders in every aspect of e-business enterprise solutions from initial strategic consulting through development, hosting, management and marketing of online services.
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Once again, Netways is proud to take part of the heart of IT Business in the Middle East Region: GITEX 2006!
Netways was established in 1996 by a group of talented people with a wide array of technical and business skills. Our singular mission and desire was to pioneer a new way in the Internet revolution, which we did, naming the new venture after our collective vision: Netways. Today, company and colleagues are leaders in every aspect of e-business enterprise solutions from initial strategic consulting through development, hosting, management and marketing of online services. Netways has harnessed the power of the Internet to empower its clients, its customers' clients, and business partners to achieve maximum success.

Netways ranks among the top IT firms in the region, serving clients with dedication and commitment. The directors and senior management team have diverse backgrounds encompassing consultancy, software development, commercialization, research and direct marketing. Netways applies extraordinary skills and years of experience to enhance the power of each e-solution, which empowers clients all the more to expand beyond their own boundaries, to reach out for newer competencies and broader marketplaces.

With more than 2000 projects under our belt, Netways offers a unique blend of strategic, creative and technical skills. Combine these attributes with our pragmatic approach and commitment to quality and you will see why so many small, medium and large enterprises select us as their e-business partner.

Netways' business philosophy centers on client services, measurable results and long-term partnerships. As a strategic partner with our customers, we utilize our expertise in technology to help define a clear vision for growth. And as mentors to our customers, we not only show the "how" but also the "why" behind Netways e-solutions. Educating our customers brings them closer to the process of change and new technological methodologies. They learn and grow…and it shows on their bottom line.

Because of our commitment, expertise and customer focus, Netways is today one of the fastest growing and most highly respected companies in the Middle East. and we are proud to say that Netways is also regarded as a topflight leader in the field of e-business services.

Sama awarded air carrier license and provided full E- Reservation portal online with lowest fares
About Sama
Sama was founded by Investment Enterprises Ltd, chaired by HRH Prince Bandar bin Khalid al Faisal, with the support of Mango Aviation Partners, a UK firm specializing in low fare airline start-up�s. Initial investment was received from 30 major Saudi private and institutional investors. Mango Aviation Partners was established by a number of senior executives with many years worth of experience in the UK and European low fares airline industry. As such they brought the specific expertise necessary to establish and develop Sama.

Their aim is to offer the "best in class" service to passengers at a great value price. As the first low fares airline in Saudi Arabia, they would urge people to try their service and find out for themselves.

Netways- Sama Successful Project
Sama is proud to have been granted a new national air carrier license by the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) to operate domestic scheduled flights across the Kingdom. Now Sama will be able to take full advantage and profit from their new Internet Portal built on Microsoft Content Management Server 2002 which allows any user to visit their portal and reserve online. Netways fully prepared for such a great event and ensured that the website was implemented with a solid infrastructure that provided high availability, to ensure that the portal can handle a high number of hits and load. This guarantees a successful path for Sama to empower their business and increase profitability by allowing users to enjoy the new look and feel of Sama and reserve online, and make sure they are accessed to functionalities as finding hotel reservations, renting a car, and know more about Sama�s unique services at best prices.
Dubai Police’s new paperless and automated environment finally came to reality
About Dubai Police
Dubai Police is one of the leading Police Forces that have developed institutional performance criteria in the application of strategic planning, simplifying procedures and have highly defined descriptions of their tasks, duties and jurisdictions.

Dubai Police Force is unlike any other Police Force in the world delivering quality and security, as they are the first to apply, DNA testing in criminal investigations, the first to use electronic finger printing, and the first Arabic department to know and implement the paperless department concept. Many prizes, even first prizes, have been won in recognition of these achievements, both locally and internationally. Another first was the adoption of the Community Policing program, as well as being the first Police Force to establish a Human Rights Department.

“Netways-Dubai Police”
Successful Project Netways admired highly the dedication and the motivation of Dubai Police to first to apply electronic services, particularly in the Arab world, and thus collaborated and worked with “Dubai Police General Security” on a turn key solution of Enterprise Information Portal with Business Process Automation. The project was strategically implemented using Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003, where Netways provided a corporate portal with all components delivering collaboration, sharing of information and documents, and around the clock services to employees.

On top of the portal, Captaris Workflow was also used to automate 4 of their most frequent processes including:

  • Mission Management: this process enables creation of a mission: Every action is considered a mission which consists of tasks and allocating it to a specific group and sending it to the supervisor. In return, the supervisor will be able to divide the mission into subtasks and assign them to the right resources and do micro follow up and high level monitoring ensuring tasks are delivered on time
  • Request Management: providing management of 4 types of requests including “TetraMachine”, “privileges”, “Computer Hardware/Software Requirements” and “Telephone Line” request.
  • Once submitted it goes through an ad hoc approval process, and in particular for Hardware/Software Requirements, the pre requisites needed to grant the computers may convert into missions or tasks that must be provided internally, and thus goes through a mission process workflow
  • Meeting Agenda & Minutes of Meetings: This process is used when scheduling for meetings. This process includes sending meeting request to all attendees via email and SMS, providing a template during the meeting to note the meeting agenda details, and finally including the action items or output from the meeting, which consequently might go through a mission process workflow
  • Transfer and Interview: This process manages the request of transferring an employee from one department to another as well as interview of employees management
Netways become a local Registration Authority for Saudi Arabia
Netways Sign an agreement with the CyberTrust to become a local Registration Authority for Saudi Arabia to be able to issue and approve 128 Bits SSL certificates.

SSL Server Certificates
A Cybertrust SureServer certificate is a unique electronic credential, which authenticates the identity of your server to visitors and provides you with authentication, integrity, confidentiality and non-repudiation. SureServer enables a confidential encrypted session between the visitor's browser and your server using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, a global standard for secure E-commerce.

CorporateID Solution Overview
CorporateID is an immediately deployable, turnkey PKI solution for delivering client certificates directly from the customer site. It allows “RA Administrators” to issue, defer approve, and revoke public certificates, and to manage Registration Authority tasks via the easy-to-use secure Web-based interface (WebConnect), accessible using 128-bit SSL and, if desired, smart cards. This secure interface allows RA Administrators to NETWAYS as remote users of the hosted RA application.

About Cybertrust
As a global, $160M company, Cybertrust operates the largest PKI Hosting infrastructure in the industry, with our 10 Trust Centers managing CAs for such blue-chip customers as CIGNA, American Express, Bank One, Australian Tax Office, Ruesch International, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, and Verizon.

ADCO - MS EPM 2003 Implementation
An Integrated Enterprise Project Planning Platform is what ADCO ISTD (Information Systems & Technology Department) strived for in order to unify and apply a widespread methodology within their daily activities, and empower project managers to leverage their time and optimize resource allocation to deliver effective quality and efficient productivity. With better communication and collaboration, ADCO ISTD teams can assign objectives, link them to projects, analyze and delegate tasks and ultimately track issues, risks and updates to generate reports and come up with a central knowledge base of “Lessons Learned”.

ADCO ISTD defines business objectives for the coming years and sets quarterly targets to achieve. They create projects and relate each objective to one or more projects made to accomplish this business goal.
With the ADCO ISTD MS EPM Solution, and with Netways Objective Management integrated application ADCO ISTD planning and strategy team will be able to provide direct relation between the objectives and the projects, thus being able to align projects with business goals and generate accurate and automatic reports to management.

ADCO ISTD MS EMP Solution helped solve:

  • Resource Contention
  • Alignment with ADCO ISTD Objectives
  • Project Quality and Information Collaboration
  • On time Project Delivery
  • Automatic and Accurate Reporting tools for Individual Projects, Portfolio and Resources.

Competitive Edge for The Centennial Fund in acquiring a new Investment Management Framework (IMF)
Customer Profile
The Centennial Fund”, TCF, is a non profit Saudi institution aiming to help young Saudis to attain financial independence through having their own investments that guarantees their self employment. Established via a Royal Decision in (20.05.1425 Hijri), TCF is now serving thousands of investors by helping to find business opportunities and helping young Saudi investors that face difficulties in translating their creative ideas and turn them to real and successful projects.

“Netways – TCF Successful Project”
TCF wants to create a single point of communication to facilitate the flow of information and to create a centralized workplace to gather information from the loan application and communicate with them as well as create a unified desktop satisfying employee and customer needs.
TCF referred to Netways expertise in delivering complete solutions in order to adopt and implement a service oriented web portal built on Microsoft SharePoint Server 2003 which includes intranet functionalities, and Microsoft Content Management Server 2002 which includes internet functionalities, that will satisfy both employee and customer needs respectively. This state of the art solution was fully covered to also include document management, customer relationship management, multi channel communication, custom online application to request for a loan and workflow automation including Load Balancing Workflows, Parallel Workflows, Escalation etc…
This state of the art solution was a big return on investment to TCF delivering many benefits including:

  • Employee Virtual Desktop: All TCF employees use a common interface, where according to his/her role in the organization, will access the desktop tools that he/she uses frequently through the new Enterprise Intranet Portal. This advantage creates a synergy among the employees across the branches and manages shared information in a collaborative and shared virtual desktop
  • Customer & Loan Tracking: The business applications adopted by the solution empowers TCF managers to monitor customer information and at the same time ensure that all projects, loan information is centralized and managed
  • Business Process Automation: Automating business processes is about mapping all internal organization processes through the implementation of workflow schemes, making information, news, and announcements publicly available and facilitating the flow of information in less time and more production.
  • Renewal of corporate identity and delivering e-services online for customers
  • Single Sign On Solution: providing the ability to authenticate and authorize a TCF user to access all information
Fakieh School adopts a Microsoft-oriented Online Leaning Gateway and Management (OLGM) System
Customer Profile
The education market is constantly seeking to improve facilities, which are offered to teachers and students, and play a key point in assisting and improving the educational environment. Fakieh School is among the leading education schools in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and wants to fortify learning and communication through the school environment, enabling parents, students, teachers, employees and administrators to work in a unified and secure workplace thus providing a paperless coherent environment.

“Netways- Fakieh Successful Project”
The idea behind the project is to create the first complete e-learning community online in the KSA and the Gulf region. Netways encouraged the idea of creating a completely independent environment from paperwork

Netways delivered a complete solution that brings together a range of Microsoft server products to deliver a Web based portal solution (intranet & internet) that is highly scalable, and form altogether an E-Learning Gateway. The visionary objective and value behind this e-learning gateway is to carry benefits for each workspace and most importantly to join all workspaces in a collaborative, sharing and unified environment. These workspaces include:

  • Common Online Gateway: The Internet Portal built on Microsoft Content Management Server 2002 reflects a common workspace for all visitors, students, teachers and employees to view the latest updates, news, announcements of Fakieh School and ultimately access to other intranet portals depending on their roles and needs mentioned below.
  • Advanced Learning in Student Workspace: This represents the student’s personal workplace, where he can access it from within or out school premises through internet. This user friendly interface has common shortcuts that will lead to wherever the student wishes to go to.
  • Higher efficiency in Teacher & Employee Workspace: Now the teacher can have his own desktop in order to manage all exams, presentations, help manuals, resourceful links, useful items for teaching etc… as well as employees can have access to their related business data coming from Line of Businesses, Customer Relationship Management and Enterprise Resources Planning.
  • Better Tracking in Parent/guardian Workspace: Parents will be able to have more control over the children’s learning and education.
Al Tawfeek Financial Group (AFG) takes a huge leap toward Financial & Banking Services with a new Web Portal
About Al Tawfeek Financial Group (AFG)
AFG is a member of the Dallah Albaraka Group. Based in Jeddah, the group is an Industrial, Commercial Banking and Financial Conglomerate founded in 1969 by Sheikh Saleh Abdullah Kamel.

“Netways-Al Tawfeek Successful Project”
Going to the next level, “Al Tawfeek has now achieved the license from the Saudi Central Monetary Agency (CMA) which will enable us to transform ourselves into
a full service financial organization offering a number of new investment services including share trading. In order to move to the next level the business had to ensure that it was in control of all its operations. IT was charged with the responsibility of getting the house in order,” says IT Manager Hesham F Al Saud.

Netways supported AFG by providing a brand new, simple web portal that provides visitors knowledge about Islamic Financial Products and Services. This helped AFG to take one step forward and finally acquire an online single point of access to rich references about financial transactions that are compliant within Islamic rules.

The website encompasses many items including performance reports and summaries, products and services and interesting resources and tools such as Zakat calculator, currency converter, books and publications and latest news and information about the Islamic and Financial sectors.

To align the IT objectives of AFG with their requirements and needs, Netways implemented the web portal using Microsoft Content Management Technology MCMS 2002, which separates design from content and empowers business users to update the content easily with no interference of IT people. This results in efficient productivity, real time site and content update and better support using Web Content Management Solution.

Emirates Transport

Emirates Transport" is the trade name of Emirates General Transport and Services Corporation, which is fully owned by the UAE Federal Government and operates under an independent budget. Emirates Transport established in 1981.

Emirates Transport is entrusted with the responsibilities of organizing and conducting transport services, vehicles maintenance, and supervision of operation, transportation consultancy or any other related business. Emirates Transport executes the services through nine main branches in different locations spread throughout the country.

“Netways-Emirates Transport” Successful Project:
Emirates Transport wishes to leverage their own staff as much as possible in this project to raise internal skill sets and facilitate ongoing support and maintenance for the post-project production environment.

Netways accommodated Emirates Transport with the implementation of a complete portal through Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server as well as Captaris Workflow to automate their internal processes within each department.
Emirates Transport can then reuse the knowledge of information through a centralized workplace and run any workflow process. Specifically Netways provided to Emirates Transport a workflow through Captaris IDE (graphical user interface in Captaris to draw the process in a drag and drop manner) to retrieve information from Oracle and display them on web forms, and once the user submits this form with the details required, it stores the information in Oracle database.

Zakum Development Company [ZADCO]
ZAKUM Development Company (ZADCO) belongs to ADNOC group, and is considered one of the leading operating companies in the oil industry in UAE, which adopts the latest technologies in developing and operating oil fields, with health, safety and environment concerns in mind. ZADCO is a Performance Driven Organization which manages its assigned business portfolio within the Supreme Petroleum Council strategy in order to achieve the goals of its Shareholders by performing at “World Class” standards in all activities. ZADCO continuously strives to meet short and long-term production requirements and promotes competent Emiratization of the Company.

“Netways - ZADCO” Successful Project:

Netways & ZADCO have aligned a common vision regarding the portal implementation, within a Microsoft oriented environment, where Microsoft Solutions Framework was adopted as the project methodology delivery framework.
Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003 was the core technology used for this project, and included building components and custom features to meet ZADCO needs, and display information from internal databases which holds highlights, announcements, weathers, and prayer times etc…
Furthermore, Netways implemented Single Sign-on Took Kit to provide storage and mapping of credentials such as account names and passwords. This empowers users to login directly to their applications from within the enterprise portal, such that the portal site–based applications can retrieve information from the third-party applications and back-end systems.

These systems include:

  • TRS
  • HR Self Service
  • Water & Electricity Billing Service
  • Request for Work
  • MS Office CBT
  • Oracle Financials
  • Intelex
  • Maximo
  • Capsule
  • Business intelligence (ORACLE OAS 10g)

Finally, Netways provided Full Integration with their frequently used applications of diverse nature including HR system, Maximo, Help Desk application. To take advantage of this integration as a front end, Netways added a new component within Netways web part library called “Message Center”, which lists a count and the details of all user alerts coming out from main applications at ZADCO including Help Desk, HR Self Service, Maximo. The data displayed by these web parts will be read from the corresponding databases of the concerned applications, and that on a user-basis. Upon portal authentication, each user will have a detailed list of his/her own alerts displayed by these web parts.

The American University of Beirut (AUB)
The American University of Beirut (AUB) implemented its SharePoint Portal under
Microsoft Enterprise Go Program - Technology Early Adoption, as a deeply integrated, scalable Enterprise portal solution that would streamline the university community collaboration and provides a single access point to applications and business processes.

As per the first project phase, the Attendance Management System was implemented aiming at establishing a framework to streamline and standardize the creation of HR departmental forms using InfoPath 2007 and the associated underlying workflows related to the University Attendance business processes. The project was implemented on a pre-release platform technology specifically Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, and Windows Workflow Foundation.

The resulted project provided the university non-IT departments with an environment that enabled them to migrate, quickly and easily the many paper based forms and various heterogeneous university workflow systems and applications onto one consolidated and standardized platform. The Leave Process, Absenteeism Process, and the Monthly Summary Process, were successfully automated and implemented based on Windows Workflow foundation as the workflow development framework, and these business processes were made available through AUB designated portal built on top Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007.

Additionally the solution provided a flexible administration module to manage the system back office and allow dynamic maintenance for effective data management. An intense emphasis on user-defined business rules allowed the users to specify at a detailed level the required business process within the system. The system provided also effective data reporting answering the overall strategic business needs.

Arab Media Corporation (AMC) Group launches new Intranet Media Portal
Arab Media Corporation (AMC) is the argest single Arab media holding
company globally. The group has extensive access and rights to a premium selection of Arabic content, meaning pay television viewers in all of the ART territories get more value for their money than with any other cultural network. The Arab Radio and Television (ART) Network is the leading producer of premium Arabic family programming and entertainment worldwide and has a key role to source, produce, and collate, complete entertainment solutions for the AMC groups.

“Netways- Arab Media Corporation (AMC) Successful Project”
Netways contributed and was in charge of delivering a complete Intranet Portal Solution through Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003, which includes Business Process Automation, Instant Messaging and Integrated Presence functionalities. This complete solution aggregates all of the information from back-end sources, enterprise project resources, line-of-business databases, team collaboration sites and individual end-users’ desktops to make it accessible to everyone through AMC Corporate intranet portal.

Intranet Overview
AMC is seeking to implement a deeply integrated, scalable and robust enterprise portal solution that would increase employee productivity via collaboration and single access point to applications and critical information. Through the personalized and dynamic portal access to AMC, the goal seek is to enable all employees to share ideas and information, and experience the family and team spirit that should congregate the distributed workforce across departments, or even across operations in order to meet the corporate AMC culture.

Connecting people, teams, and information, SharePoint Portal Server 2003 platform will enable AMC to integrate business processes and applications, as well as to provide a full set of collaboration and personalization features for end-users.

The solution will enable AMC to map some of internal business processes through the implementation of two workflows schemes to be defined by AMC prior of starting the deployment. AMC targets to eliminate its problems by enabling managers to map common processes, monitor requests, and ultimately be able to provide quick responses and ease communication among the responsible staff.

AMC defined the objectives of the Intranet by stating the below

  • Provide an efficient and fast means for internal communications, between company – employees and employees – employees.
  • Facilitate the enhancement of the work quality.
  • Create a family-type relation environment for all employees.
  • Assist in improve loyalty of the employee.
  • Facilitate the continuing education of the employees.

“The best results are achieved when people work together.”

This Solution Proposal is based on demonstrations, communication and information exchanged between AMC and Netways. The solution will use Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003, Captaris workflow server and Live Communication Server to exists to aggregate all of the information from back-end sources, enterprise project resources, line-of-business databases, team collaboration sites and individual end-users’ desktops to make it accessible to everyone in an organization through AMC Corporate intranet portal.

  • Microsoft Office Share Point Portal Server 2003 to be used as an effective means to facilitate the enhancement of the work quality.
  • Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005 to facilitate efficient and fast means of internal communication between the company employees through an IM service.
  • Captaris Workflow to automate Business Processes and provide an efficient streamline of workflows

Our solution will allow benefit to different types of users:

  • Business users could make more informed decisions by having all of an organization’s information readily available.
  • IT departments would have a simple method to manage, administer and track IT-hosted, business-user and end-user-focused sites and resources.
  • Developers could use a common platform with easily understood services and tools to unlock information tied up in multiple back-end stores.
  • End-users could employ the tools that they are accustomed to using to do their jobs.

AMC Intranet Portal will be used to consolidate all of the content and functionality that an employee needs to do his job effectively into a single online window, thus increasing his productivity, and is perceived to not as an application but as a framework or an infrastructure from which users can access enterprise information or applications.

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