Edition No. 8 Issue 35 November - 2005
Netways was established in 1996 by a group of talented people with a wide array of technical and business skills. Our singular mission and desire was to pioneer a new way in the Internet revolution, which we did, naming the new venture after our collective vision: Netways. Today, company and colleagues are leaders in every aspect of e-business enterprise solutions from initial strategic consulting through development, hosting, management and marketing of online services...
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Netways adopts a unique Project Management Methodology
Netways PMO �Project Management Office� was built as an organizational unit to centralize and coordinate the management of projects under its domain; Netways PMO operates on a continuum, from providing project management support functions in the form of training, software and standardized policies & procedures, to actual direct management and responsibility for achieving the project objectives.

Netways PMO Combined the PMI methodology and Microsoft MSF in a unique creative Project Management
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Naif Arab University for Security Sciences
Jean Mousa - Netways Regional Manager Saudi Arabia Receiving the Award for Appraisement from University DeanNaif Arab University for Security Sciences was established to fulfill the needs of the Arab law enforcement agencies for an academic institution that would promote research on security issues, offer postgraduate programs, and conduct short-term training courses. All these are oriented to contribute to the prevention and control of crime in the Arab countries.
www.nauss.edu.sa is a portal to serve as the gateway for the Arab and International audience to the university. Video Broadcasting, Online Registration, Online Library, Online Services and much more are presented through this portal.
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New features within (Captaris) Workflow 5.2
Captaris Workflow 5.2 continues to expand the capabilities of organizations and line-of-business managers by providing increased workflow, Business Process Management (BPM) and Business Intelligence (BI) resources. The ongoing expansion of workflow management data and tools continues to enrich the BPM components of the Captaris Workflow offering and provide organizations with more than just simple workflow. This release provides expanded workflow datasets including full audit and rework information, an extension of the previous multi-dimensional OLAP Cube, the addition of a new Key Performance Indicator (KPI) OLAP Cube, new sample reports, new custom actions for SharePoint and Captaris Alchemy Document Management, and system improvements that provide noticeable acceleration in system performance for both enterprise administrators and Web form based task workers.

The following table provides a quick summary of the added value provided by each of the key new features within Captaris Workflow 5.2:
Feature New Added Value
Process audit and history Deeper information for organizations and LOB managers to manage and improve workflow and operations.
KPI More information for organizations and LOB managers to manage and improve operations.
OLAP Data Cube Easier access to information for organizations and LOB managers Access information via Excel, Crystal Reports, etc.
SQL Sample Reports Faster report creation and access to the information.
Asynchronous Web Form Advance Faster performance and user experience.
User Administration Enterprise User Management Improved integration with enterprise organizations.
Windows Authentication Expanded Integration with enterprise organizations.
New SPS CA Line of business and product extension feature.
New DM/Alchemy CA Line of business and product extension feature.
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Netways Information Delivery Framework
Information is now becoming a crucial part in enterprise success.
Information is everywhere, and in any enterprise we find a lot of islands of information: Faxes, Voice Mails, SMS, Papers, Emails, Applications, Reports, Databases, etc...
The traditional view of information systems as tailor-made, cost-intensive database applications is changing rapidly.
The change is fueled by a maturing software industry, which is making greater use of off-the-shelf generic components and standard software solutions.
In turn, this change has resulted in a new set of demands for information services to consolidate the presentation layers and interaction patterns between Technologies.
The Old Concept of Process Automation used the golden rule that said: "First organize, then computerize". This concept was based on the fact that Processes were developed with the implicit assumption that the business process would primarily be managed by people.
Netways created a concept called "Information Cube" that is materialized through an integrated solution which is in turn based on proven products that are fully integrated in a seamless way, because at the end our customers are interested in a complete project and are not too much tied to specific products.
Using this new concept, �We link Information with Product and Technology�
    The faces of the Cube include the below layers:
  1. Information Layer (Captaris Right Fax, Alchemy Scan, Microsoft Exchange).
  2. Workflow Layer (Captaris Workflow).
  3. Enterprise Content Management: Making a central repository for all company's content, and documents (Captaris Alchemy)
  4. Employees Portal (Microsoft Sharepoint Portal Server).
  5. Enterprise Integration (Microsoft Biztalk Server).
Lazurde White Paper
Lazurde Group Integrated Information Delivery Solution Enhances Business Rules and Increases Efficiency with .Net Technology and the Captaris Workflow and Alchemy Solutions Accessed Through Microsoft Sharepoint Server
Company Overview
LAZURDE was established in 1987, as the first manufacturing unit, Saudi Pearls and Gold Factory specializing in high quality cubic zirconia 21karat studded gold Jewellery. LAZURDE, Saudi Arabia has seven manufacturing units in Riyadh producing stunning array of different karats and colors in plain gold, studded, diamond and precious gem Jewellery. LAZURDE has the widest distribution network in the Kingdom and the Gulf through its five branches that cover more than 3000 showrooms. The Dubai branch is a gateway for exports to the Gulf, Arab, and European countries such as France, Germany and the United States.
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Expert Advice: Information Security
There are two extremes: absolute security and absolute access, Every organization needs to decide for itself where between the two extremes of total security and total access they need to be. A policy needs to articulate this, and then define how that will be enforced with practices and such. Everything that is done in the name of security, then, must enforce that policy uniformly.
No single product or service can comprehensively address the possible security threats to your business. Maintaining effective security is a continuous process that identifies valued assets, analyzes potential threats, and determines acceptable levels of corporate risk. Strong, enterprise-wide security demands solutions and technologies made from many robust components. Security Assessment is the first step that companies undertake to move toward a secured environment. The assessment focuses on evaluating the state of security at a single point in time and provides tangible and intangible value to the organization being reviewed and should be seen as a crucial first step in managing network risk. The value of a security assessment lies in the discovery of potential risk areas before they become active problems for your network.
Security assessments are used to discover information system and organizational weaknesses that can be exploited by hostile entities. Exploitation of these vulnerabilities can lead to unplanned expenses for the organization. The types of losses that can arise from poor security include: the cost to rebuild, repair or replace violated systems; the loss of assets such as intellectual property or trade secrets; the productivity cost from unplanned downtime; liability and possible fines associated with the failure to comply with information protection laws; and the erosion of confidence and trust from customers, partners, and associates.
  • Customer benefits of an environment with enhanced security technology include:
  • Secure Organization
  • Reduced server maintenance costs
  • Reduced workstation maintenance costs
  • Increased reliability and availability
  • Increased system performance
  • Improved service management
  • Simplified contingency planning

Assessing your information system and reporting the results back will help you make informed decisions and run the best information system possible. This adds value for your organization, your customers and associates.

Girls Education
KSA Ministry of Education's General Administration for Girls Education in Mecca has 1,197 schools, with 30,000 teachers and 600,000 students to connect. The main purpose of the project is to strengthen the position of the administration as the Leader in e-Education and e-Goverment, and to increase Technology Awareness within this community, ensure an easy communication medium between the schools, teachers and the students, as well as to create a complete Intranet with a PAPERLESS environment and an online portal. Thus making this the basis for future e-Schools, setting the foundation to get learning from virtually everywhere. Netways actions to materialize these goals and vision is through the use of cutting-edge, revolutionary technology solutions, such as MS SharePoint Portal Server, RightFax, building a .NET Application for Registration Proccesses, Teamplate for the WorkFlow Automation, Biztalk Server, Exchange Server, and an online Portal, using MS CMS Server.
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