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Al - Rifai Roastery
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Customer Survey: Thank you to all that participated in our End of the Year 2000 Survey! To those who would like to still send their evaluation, go ahead!

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HAPPY NEW YEAR 2001! Year 2000 Flew in Flash and here we are with another year full of surprises and news for you! Our featured sites includes: What's Up Lebanon.com promotes Lebanon to the World, while AlRifai.com will drive you NUTS and wild in their new online store full of all types and varieties of nuts and coffee, while the roses of Le Grandvert.com will entice you to send that very special one a buddle full of love! - and www.counselonline.com is always ready to lend a helping hand! Good luck to all and best wishes for the year ahead! ... and happy browsing!
eNews Editor
 What's Up Lebanon?.com
What's Up Lebanon.com launched to promote Lebanon throughout the world!
All hotels, restaurants, resorts, pubs, nightclubs, shopping centres and touristic areas recommended are listed by category, as well as a wide variety of class A Lebanese paintings, jewellery, decorative items, books, sweets and delicatessen, crafts… In a very clear and detailed website, What's Up Lebanon.com present to the tourists and locals all the information they need to know about Lebanon. Read more..
BE NUTS, BUY NUTS! Al - Rifai Roastery is now selling its products online! Buying your favourite nuts, Lebanese confectionnaries, not to mention coffee is only a click away! The shipping destinations has no LIMITS! And shopping at AlRifai.com is 100% secure.
Go there today becuase Al - Rifai has a special offer right now. Order Now! With every purchase worth 40$ US, you will receive a FREE CD, containing the best Lebanese songs featuring Fairuz, Sabah, Wadih El Safi and more. Read more..
With one of the most recognized brands in Lebanon, TROPICA ( LeGrandvert.com ) now provides a broad range of thoughtful gift products including flowers, gift baskets and other unique items to customers around the world.
Floral enthusiasts and browsers can learn about flowers and decorating trends through TROPICA ( LeGrandvert.com ) online database, "Ideas & Info" and can personalize their online shopping experience through "Your Account," , among other services.... I want to send my love to someone special!
 Counsel Online.com
We all have fears, concerns and pass through difficult times, and we have to deal with them, as difficult as it might be, we have no choice, but face these situations. Counseling Online.com can give you advise on interpersonal problems, on parental issues, and on how to attain a higher self esteem. Learn more today.
 Expert Advice
Have you ever thought of the business challenge that drives companies to high copetition standards? Have you tried to implement new effective strategies that makes you get ahead of your competitors? It is time for it, time for the right strategy, and not any strategy.
Many times you and your competitors present services or products that do not differ much, but what really differs is your customer relationship and your employees productivity. To develop these two factors, you need a cost effective and fast implementation solution, it is the IEC Solution, Intranet/Extranet Connectivity Solutions. Check how this can be implemented in your business environment.....Read all about it!.
Your Net Analyst
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