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Netways November 2004 Newsletter The Middle East Leading Technology and Integration Provider
About Netways
Netways' business philosophy centers on client services, measurable results and long-term partnerships. As a strategic partner with our customers, we utilize our expertise in technology to help define a clear vision for growth.
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01/11/2004 Netways Awarded Contract from The Royal Commission For Jubail and Yanbu
Netways is to build an online sales service portal linking to an internal workflow system to automate 22
processes and increase afficiency amd quality of service. The system will be built using Teamplate Workflow engine and Microsoft and .NET Technologies.
06/11/2004 Netways Awarded MS CRM site for AROPE.
AROPE Insurance, a pioneer in the Lebanese insurance industry, took a strategic decision to boost customer
retention and satisfaction by implementing Microsoft CRM.
08/11/2004 Netways to Integrate MS CRM for VIRGIN.
Microsoft Business Solutions CRM will help Virgin build profitable customer relationships. MS CRM will empower
Virgin with an integrated Customer Service module that will enable employees to share information and deliver consistent and efficient customer service.
15/11/2004 Netways Awarded to Implement MS CRM for MSC
Microsoft Business Solutions CRM provides MSC up-to-date customer oriented reporting services they require
in their daily tasks. MSC set herself apart from other shipping companies through their sales processes implemented on Microsoft CRM.
Stay Tune to find out the final outcome of these newly awarded projects in our future newsletters.
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Netways had the opportunity to showcase its financial solutions and products along with its International Technology Partners, Microsoft and Captaris at MEFTEC 2004 Bahrain, an event vertically focused to the IT sector of the financial industry and its needs.
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Find Out How Netways streamlined banking operations and internal staff collaboration to empower efficient business processes using Captaris Teamplate as workflow engine for QIB for an ambitious BPM project to improve customer satisfaction while reducing operation costs.
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Netways provided a powerful solution to overcome the integration problem securely using .NET Technology and XML Web Services for Al Marai's (KSA) SAP system. With an online application that provides their suppliers to access payment information securely and generate reports about SAP transactions.
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SASO's (the sole standardization body in KSA) site was prone to daily updates and news. Netways proposed a challenging Content Management Solution based on Openshare™ CMS where the website bilingual contents can be updated with an ease of a browser, & .NET Technology was used to power the news & search engines
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A bilingual online application (database driven managed by a user friendly Back Office) that aims to introduce “Nesma Internet” Company, and to present its product/program “Safe” - (an application that transfers the requested encrypted data to its destination) developed for Shomoos (National Tourism Information Network in Saudi Arabia) customers.
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SyncMax is a result of a project between three worldwide leaders in the IT industry: Intel (processors), Microsoft (software), Samsung (monitors and memory). The aim of SyncMax is to create a new breed of PCs, meeting international standards with the most attractive prices. Netways' "Build your Own PC" module integrated to the site makes the vision a reality.
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  Completed for the Month of November:
Kamel Badawi Bsat     Get recipes using KBBsat products
Germani     Presents Germani cadre, collection (jewelry & watches)
Chopin     Patisserie presenting the products through a database
Assaha Village     Assaha Traditional Village

With all these talk about CRM, how much do we really comprehend what CRM is really all about? Can we even distinguished it among all the hundreds of acronyms and do we really know what it even stands for? Some may protest and say, "Yes, it means Customer Relationship Management!". But how much do we really know about it? How much do we know about how it can help our business? How much do we know about the benefits it can bring? The advantages that comes in operating CRM in our business? Below are 2 files in pdf and zip, spruce up or get enlighten!

CRM Brochure [ zip 1424 kb ]  [ pdf 1531 kb ]

Fact Sheet [ zip 132 kb ]  [ pdf 147 kb ]