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Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells...
MeGreeting Cards on the way!
Send your Christmas greetings from our site. TONS of Cards to choose from.

Siom Orfevres is a major manufacturer and distributor of high quality silverware that proved to meet the challenges of the local market in Lebanon as well as the Arab and European countries. With it's online virtual catalog - also powered with a robust technology, users can not only access all useful details and information relating to the wide colletion of silverware products, but also select and order items online.

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ORDER PATCHI for CHRISTMASPatchi - web site development by netways
If you're wondering how to do something special this Christmas season, why not try Patchi. The site gives a unique experience for shoppers, in this Virtual Chocolate shop, although the site also offers various other products that Patchi offers, but you can't really help it when you hear the name Patchi, but to go chocolate crazy. Trully, going through all the varieties , flavors, types of chocolates - (and even for different occasions) plastered throughout the site, is just too much to bear, without jumping into the shopping cart and ordering a whole lot of 'em.

JK Flashes Design...

Jamil Khansa - designed and developed by NetwaysThe corporate site of the renowned Lebanese fashion designer Jamil Khansa, has been an exciting and motivating experience during the creation period. We tried to push the envelope to create a site that matches the talent and expectations of our client. Hence the whole site has been designed using Flash 5, with an elegant look and feel to it that should appeal to viewers of all ages and genders.
After viewing the enticing flash intro visitors are given access to view the latest collection of nightgowns and Wedding dresses, all displayed in the JK demeanor. Since Color plays a major role in creating a certain mood, a set of 5 mood buttons have been introduced that allow the viewer to change the color of the background the catalogue is viewed against. To maximize the viewers’ experience, the site is viewed on a full screen with no browser buttons to clutter the whole display.
If you haven't caught the JK fever yet, tap into, and experience the latest, Jamil khansa has to offer.

Visit the Past and Stay at Kadri Hotel...

Kadri Hotel - developed by netwaysAvailable in 3 languages, the site offers quite a massive information and history about the area of Zahlé - the location of the hotel - Kadri. The site is quite different from your regular "run of the mill" traditional hotel websites, in that it fully illustrates and entice you of the surrounding historical landmarks. Just got to take a look at it, hey, if you're not from Lebanon, you just might win a FREE stay.

Rhythm continues even online...

Khanito.Com features the works and services that the famous Armenian/Lebanese Choregrapher - Painter - Instructor and Judge all rolled into one - Mr. Khanito and his Academy of Dance. Quite attractively created, showing some glimpse of his past paintings, involvement in the Dance Associations throughout the world, his training skills, and performances.

Anybody Hungry?? Accepting Orders Now!!

Baguettes - Web Development by NetwaysBaguettes Sandwiches has not only become a household word, but an office buzz word before lunch time as well. Now your local sandwich-maker-plus-deliverer can be found online - the only set back, they can't electronically send your order right to your office or home, manual transporation would have to wait, till the days of "The Fifth Element" comes along

In closing, We wish you all, Ramadan Karem!
Expert Advice

No more ISLANDS OF INFORMATION - Microsoft BizTalk Server
Last month's [Expert advice] (October 2001), we talked about XML (XML is an open Industry, which enables developers to describe data being exchanged between PCs, smart devices, applications and web sites.) as a powerful tool to overcome one of the major problems in industry, which is bringing islands of data together (e.g: binding an ERP system to your online store). This month we will continue our discussion on this hot issue by introducing Microsoft Biztalk Server 2000.Read all about it!

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