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- "Who Will It Be? - Future's Superstar!"...
» It's the talk of the town. Every teenager's dream. Actually even those in their 20's, 30's and I'm sure even those in their 40's, wishes they could regain their youthfulness to have a chance to what they perhaps missed in their lifetime. Sit and have a nargileh at Siesta Inn downtown and for sure a conversation about Mohammed Lafi's 38.65%, Wael Mansour's 13.52%, Said Jamal El Din's 12.09%, Diana Kerazone's, Rowaida Attieh's, Seoud Abou Sultan's, and Melheim Zein's (I couldn't get the 4 latest ones) ratings can be heard. Some gone but not forgotten, others still on the rise. What is this all about? Who are these that the Jordanian tourist beside me talk about and the same can be heard from the Kuwaitis at the other table, the Saudis not far are discussing about a Palestinian version of Stevie Wonder, behind me the Dubai group of singles are talking about a sensual Egyptian constentant favoured by women viewers of all ages. And of course the Lebanese in front of my table was gang-ho about their M.Z. representative's charisma. Who are all these people? What the fuzz?!?
Well, I had to know, so I went home, turn my channel to Future TV and here's what I found out. Future Superstar, the Arabic version of Fremantle Media's TV hit series American Idols: The Search for a Superstar. Several versions of the programmes have already been aired in various countries. Future TV won the rights for the Arabic version of the programme from Fremantle Media. Auditions for many thousands of contestants competing to be the next Amr Diab or Nancy Ajram took place in Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Syria and Egypt, but the search for a solo mega popstar from the Arab world still continues.
It started with 50 participants, who can sing in any language of their choice in the live programme, Home viewers across the Arab world votes for contestants on criteria such as talent, ability, looks, performance and style, Ten participants who received the highest audience votes was picked for the third phase of the Superstar programme. The 10 "Close-to-be-superstars" performed live in 10 TV episodes on the third phase of the programme. Experts assisted the 10 participants to choose the song that best suits their voice and capabilities. Each week, the contestant who polls the least viewers' votes will be eliminated. The sole remaining contestant in the last episode will, of course be the "Superstar". There's only 4 left, 2 girls and 2 boys, fighting for the title - Future SuperStar. And that's what the excitement last night at the cafe was all about. The series is close to its final countdown.
A major recording contract with the international company BMG awaits the winner, in addition to guaranteed fame and stardom.
The 10 contestants who reached the final episodes in the programme's versions in England, USA, South Africa and Poland have become stars in their own countries.
Superstar will be accompanied by another programme on Future TV Superstar Extra, which will show the behind-the-scenes happenings during the filming of the programme's episodes.
Superstar is currently hosted by Rania Al Kurdi from Jordan and Ayman Kaysouni from Egypt.
Now I can atleast join in on the conversations at cafe Siesta Inn. Well, good luck to them all....I'll vote for anyone who can sing Amr Diab's "Habibi Ya Noor El 3ein" like he does or Nancy Ajram's provocative "Akhassmak". So stay in-tune, read updates and vote at the site designed and maintained by Netways for FutureTV at http://www.futuretvnetwork.com/superstar/index.asp

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- "Microsoft - NDU Students Win XDA Project"...
Winners of XDA Project earn a personal XDA; Students of Lebanese Universities Demonstrate Web Services Innovation and "Real-World" Applicability

BEIRUT, 3 July 2003 - In its commitment to support academic institutions and students, Microsoft Eastern Mediterranean today announced the winners of the XDA End Of Year Project for Lebanese Universities, during a ceremony held at Microsoft's offices, Al-Borj building, Beirut Central District.
Microsoft distributed fifteen XDAs - portable mobile devices operating on Windows Mobile edition to seven universities around the country (AUB, Antonine, LAU, USJ, NDU, Arab University, Haigazian University) to entice students to work on developing research opportunities based on Windows mobile platform. For the past three months, students selected by the faculty have been working on developing the best project for their finals.
Competing student teams and solos presented their innovative projects to a panel of independent judges yesterday . The judges from Netways, Libancell and Microsoft, declared Hady Salameh and Mario Aoun from Notre Dame University to be the winners based on innovation and creativity, implementation of the Microsoft .NET Framework and Web services, commercial viability, and the quality of the individual presentation. Salameh and Aoun's GSM location based service application, helps people find addresses according to their present location.
"The process of deliberation was difficult, as we were impressed by the level of sophistication involved with all of the applications," said Elias Tabet, Enterprise Partner Group Manager, Microsoft Eastern Mediterranean and one of the judges
Elie Naser, Chafic Nassif and Ayman Tajeddine, the team from the American University of Beirut (AUB) took home VS.Net packages by coming in second place. The AUB team created an application called "eCardiology," which integrates different mobile devices via Web services to increase collaboration in the medical field to empower health organizations to provide mission critical care and treatment.
"We are proud of all the teams for coming through with creative and innovative solutions," said Khalil Abdel Massih, Business Development Manager Microsoft East Med. "College students have a passion for solving problems using innovative technology.
"Microsoft is committed to providing students with everything they need to put their passion to work and turn their dreams of professional success into reality" said Ramzi Itani, Marketing Manager and initiator of the .Net Club in Lebanese Universities.

Project Showcase
LAUNCH DATE: July 2003

The scope of the Application
The application's scope is to deploy a synchronous B2B extranet web-enabled system enabling MMA-Lebanon full monitoring as well as management of stock, having been virtually consolidated in Lebanon.
This customized B2B solution states that the distributors will process their usual transactions (Purchase Orders and Selling Orders or Invoicing) on their system that is going to be permanently connected through the Internet to the Logistic Center in Lebanon, enabling continuous synchronization of data upon the issuing of a transaction.
This will result in reflecting a virtual centralization of the stocks' related information whereby the different system users are actually geographically independent and each having their own separate stock application.
The proposed application will allow the usage of the system in a fast and dynamic environment.
Based on the given information, we have evaluated the business functionalities of the solution within this document.

Project Overview
The aim of the project is to enable round the clock stock monitoring of all MMI distributors in the Middle East. Below is a simple architecture of the application / synchronization flow in concern:

For a more detailed project overview of
Music Master International's Intranet System, click here.... » »

LAUNCH DATE: July 2003

- Get All Polished Up
A perfect place for the ladies, and men too. In contrast to the hustle and bustle of city life, The Nail Bar's peaceful atmosphere makes it the ideal place to take time out and pamper your hands and feet. Also, for those urban types always in a rush, the essential quick fixes such as waxing and brow shaping are available any time from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Founded by 2 ladies from different ends of the globe, Katy Taouk and Jenni Robinson both landed in Beirut in 1996. Katy, of Lebanese origin, born and raised in Sydney, Australia was determined to come to her parents' homeland and see it for herself. After studying Beauty Therapy, Swedish Massage, Electrolysis, Aromatherapy and Thalassotherapy she gained experience and ran a beauty salon in Sydney before making her decision to relocate to Lebanon.
Jenni, of British nationality, the eternal wanderer, longed to escape the humdrum monotony of European life. An indulgent shopper and always conscious of taking care of herself, she hunted high and low for a good manicure. And ended up teaming with Katy - thus came about Nail Bar.

The Aim
To enhance natural beauty, provide excellent service and use only the best products.
Katy and Jenni decided from the outset of their project that they must always have a strong commitment to providing quality products and excellent service, both of which were hard to find in Lebanon at that time. They imported the best products on the international market and only accepted staff with a friendly disposition and natural ability. To ensure that their staff would be the best in their field, they brought into the equation an educator and Ambassador for the leading U.S. nail care brand Creative Nail Design. The combination proved to be a success.

LAUNCH DATE: July 2003

- And Let There Be Ghaddar...(Light, Water...etc).
Quality, delivery & satisfaction. This mission statement brought GHADDAR MaCHINERY Est. to become one of the largest Electrical Generating sets manufacturers in the Middle East.

GHADDAR MACHINERY Est. was established in 1980 with a clear focus for meeting the demands of the Lebanese market in the field of electrical generating sets, water pumps & construction equipment. The site is powered behind in PHP, cataloging their rannges of heavy duty products of alterators, engines and generating sets.

LAUNCH DATE: July 2003

www.jemall.biz is an e-Commerce site with an additional webmail service. The website displays the products of Jemall and visitors can do any of the following: 1) Browse from products by Brand, Category, Product name or company provider 2) See the Hot Deals section 3) Search using Google's service 4) Link to some radios and Saudi Airlines websites 5) Add the website to favorites or make it the default Homepage.

As for members, the website offers them additional features like: 1) Create for them an e-mail @jemall.biz and use it, like Yahoo or Hotmail. 2) Access the Groups section that is a Forum between all members 3) Join Jemall newsletter 4) View account 5) Have special prices. Also a help section is available in the website that can introduce/explain the different sections to the visitor.

LAUNCH DATE: July 2003

Powered by Alamiah | Netways
- e-Government Portal gets Interactive

MOE is an online information portal for the ministry of Education, in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia , the portal is an integration between Openshare CMS (Content management Tool) and .NET Technology. The site purpose is to keep Students/Teachers/Educational Districts all over the KSA updated on the latest Ministry news (Grades posting , ministry tools and projects,...).
The site offers as well a new Contest allowing students to post their own personal website and @ the end of the contest 10 winners will be selected and awarded prizes. The site offers Intranet/Internet Services to the Ministry districts such as Memo sending through Openshare Content Management Software and Fax services.




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