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About Netways
Netways ranks among the top IT firms in the region, serving clients with dedication and commitment. Netways applies extraordinary skills and years of experience to enhance the power of each e-solution, which empowers clients all the more to expand beyond their own boundaries to reach out for newer competencies and broader marketplaces.
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01/11/2004 Netways Awarded Contract for a New MEA site portal
The winning bid outlines Netways� vision for MEA�s Intergalactic Portal, the gateway that will enhance the company�s web
presence, increase sales, improves customer satisfaction and more importantly turn MEA�s site into not only a valuable asset for the Company but into a valuable asset on the nation level.
The New Portal will consist of various leading technology such as: .NET, MCMS2002 and a host of others.
Stay Tune to find out the final outcome of these newly awarded projects in our future newsletters.
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Netways received "Largest Growth by Partner 2004" Award - at Captaris '05 Int'l Partner Conference.
2004 was a year of growth for Captaris. Two major RightFax product releases, the adoption of Workflow worldwide as a business process automation tool, the introduction of the RightFax Workflow Wizard. The 2005 International Partner Conference discussed Captaris Business Information Delivery vision, product roadmaps and go-to-market strategy. Netways Team heard from leading industry analysts, learn from peers, improve upon Captaris product knowledge and network with Captaris management.  read more
Creating Business Information Automation & Management Awareness in the Media Industry
To demonstrate how the technology offered by Microsoft, deployed by Netways, and used by the media industry can be leveraged to streamline their related work. As well as how technology can play a decisive role in providing the media industry with the speed, accuracy, and reach to deliver the News when it breaks - to the people who need it.
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An intensive Captaris Workflow training in Lebanon from the 24th-28th of January 2005.
As the need for workflow automation continues to gain prominence, Netways, proud to be an appointed Captaris Workflow distributor for the region, showcased how Captaris Workflow, (powered by Teamplate), provides easy, flexible, and integrated business process workflow for organizations running on the Microsoft environment, enabling productivity, accountability, compliancy, and structure.
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Carrier Saudi Arabia opts for a paper less office environment and automation with Netways product. To increase efficiency, effectiveness and accountability within departments and geographical offices throughout the kingdom, Carrier turns to Netways Consultancy Team to develop and transform 26 workflow models using Captaris Teamplate.
Carrier Case Study [ pdf 136 kb ]
Netways created a web based solution by establishing a dynamic interactive content to display the selection of ANMA HOLDING and create awareness and commercial exposure ANMA Holding is divided into 4 companies: EAM, MARAMI, MATE and Outdoors. Each site is targeted to be interactive with clients and consumers.
Microsoft Business Solutions CRM helped Virgin build profitable customer relationships. MS CRM empowered Virgin with an integrated Customer Service module that enables employees to share information and deliver consistent and efficient customer service. Microsoft CRM was deployed and customized to fit Virgin needs.
Virgin Case Study [ pdf 76 kb ]

ASP.NET web applications were built by NETWAYS in order to render AROPE insurance policies, claims and product price simulators from within MS CRM. AROPE insurance software was integrated with AROPE insurance software through the mean of Windows Services developed by Netways and scheduled to start on a daily basis.

Arope Case Study [ pdf 93 kb ]
  Microsoft CRM : Powering Insurance And Health Organizations To Use Technology Effectively

Traditional banking and insurance business models are disappearing. The new financial services model offers a blend of banking, brokerage, and insurance services. To expand their service offerings, increase underwriting income, and capture greater market share, many companies are merging with, or acquiring, other companies.
The resulting merged organizations can be at a competitive disadvantage unless they acquire a single, consolidated view of their customer base and leverage that knowledge. To be successful, the new financial services enterprise must break down silos of information and act as one company on the end customer as well as to its distribution channels.
Today�s leading insurance companies are meeting their customer acquisition, customer retention, customer value maximization and channel optimization challenges head on. They are doing so by employing solutions that optimize sales, service, and marketing effectiveness and efficiency across all interaction and distribution channels. Find Out How You Can DO The Same!

CRM Insurance and Health Brochure [ zip 298 kb ]  [ pdf 341 kb ][ back to top ]