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 Netways to Join in SETI 2001 IT Exhibition - in Paris

Netways will be participating in the coming Seti2001 IT Exhibition in Paris, organized by ITC (International Trade Centre). This would be Netways first entrance in the European Market. SETI (Semaine Européenne des Technologies de l'Information or European Week of Information Technologies) is an annual trade event organized in Paris, during the month of March under the patronage of Mr. Jacques Chirac, President of the French Republic..


iPost is a commission-free trading community bringing sellers and buyers from around Lebanon & the Middle East together.

iPost offers 3 kinds of trading methods: Auctions, Barter Ads and Classified Ads. Even more, through iPost, you can post newspaper classified ads. Truly unique! Simply said, iPost is the place to buy the stuff you're looking for at great prices or to sell the stuff you have. So you either end up saving money or making money!.


ZOUROUNI.com is the first European and Arabic gateway. You can find there all the Arabic representations in Paris, cultural, commercial, administrative. The present information in the gate will be in Arabic, the language of the country.

On ZOUROUNI's site you can have access to a chat room and have an e mail adress in Arabic and/or in French. ZOUROUNI has a shop of on-line oriental products, and on-line ordered services. ZOUROUNI's site proposes also a competition which includes the works of Internet users, one online magazine on the Arabic cultural events in Paris which is renewed every 15 days and a free service of on-line announcements.


The mission of this event is to provide a forum for the identification of contemporary developments in the practices of Quality & Integrated Quality Management systems.

This conference is geared to experienced professionals and interested newcomers to a variety of work sectors, including higher education, continuing education, business, government, health care, professional associations, and nonprofit organizations. read more...

 Expert Advice
Questions! Oh, now what?? I need to announce it right now to 200 customers, what shall I do?
Phone?… oh no, expenses are so high.
Email?…what makes me sure that they will all check their mail now, or even today?
Online Chat?…..what if they are not online???? How can I get close to each and every customer with the least amount of expenses?

The Answer! How closer can you get than surprising them on their personal mobiles??? Even without them having a WAP enabled phone! Send them a Broadcasting SMS Message - Short Message Service. Whether they are traveling, in the office, at home, having dinner, or even in a meeting. It is the best way to get them informed fast, easy, and cheap! Read all about it!.
Your Net Analyst
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