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Thank you for yet another Remarkable Year, Wishing you Joyful Holidays and may Happiness Shines within your hearts. May Peace & Success be your treasured gifts this season and your blessings all year through…
Accept our Warm wishes, and Gratitude for your Continuous Business & Confidence.
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After waiting for so long, the entire Arab World got into the Star Academy atmosphere all over again. December 31st brought back entire nations to the Friday Primes of Star Academy 2, students singing and dancing, teachers making notes and nominees waiting to see who will leave the academy next.

Well during the writing of this article 3 contestants were nominated for departure. The Star Academy season had begun. In the first week alone, the site had received millions of hits from all over the Arab Region - fans who wanted to read and know about each of the 16 contestants.

Netways once again commissioned to set-up the site, create applications to handle all the expected traffic
this fanfare is going to bring about. The site is powered with MS CMS, sections using flash technology are managed through XML. From the back office the site's administrator can update each candidate status. Having a user friendly back office was a prime requisite, so that updating site membership, their transactions (voting, videos viewing, etc.) the vote statistics, the poll section and results can be easily managed by the LBC Star Academy web team. An online payment application was also created for those die hard fans, where they can access Member's Only Privileged sections of the site.
The site continues to attract large numbers of curious fans and it seems that SA#2 is far better, bigger, and with each participant being more talented than the first batch. We all have to see every Friday, which one will really rise to stardom. Keep your fingers crossed and always make sure you vote online for your favorite. We all have one!
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Operational Efficiency & Productivity: Portals
This executive circle event is dedicated to help organizations use portals to lower costs, Improved Collaboration & Knowledge Sharing. Increased employee productivity, through a complete business integration model, delivering the right information to the right people, within the enterprise.
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Shomoos is the National Tourism Information Network project that aims to connect the private sector organizations (Hotels – Furnished Apartments – Car Rental Agencies - Jewelry Shops) to a Government Controlled & Centralized National Network. Shomoos facilitates and creates a database that in turn serves all governmental agencies which are linked to the project.
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KSA Ministry of Education's General Administration for Girls Education in Mecca have 1,197 schools, with 30,000 teachers and 600,000 students to connect. The main purpose of the project is to strengthen the position of the administration as the Leader in e-Education and e-Goverment, and to increase Technology Awareness within this community.
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The Saudi Industrial Development Fund - commissioned Netways to solve and route all the incoming and outgoing faxes securely to concerned individuals - Netways utilized Right Fax Installation to transform and have a direct impact on the cost and efficiency and security and other interesting benefits.
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NADEC was established in 1981. and has since been striving to present the finest and healthiest nutritional products. NADEC is a joint stock public company with equity capital of SR 400 million, promoted by the Saudi Government, which holds 20% equity while the Saudi public holds the balance equity. Making NADEC one of the very few widely public held Saudi companies.
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The Federation of Arab Engineers aims to unify all the Arab engineers in one organization in order to enhance the productivity in the Arab world. FED provides interactivity & offers them  additional know-how and practice. It follows the development of experienced engineers, plans and conducts professional engineering work with guidance on unusual features.

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  The Challenge: Turning Information Exchange into a Strategic Advantage - The Solution? Read on...

If your organization is like most, you have invested heavily in corporate information systems—purchasing, inventory, email, CRM, ERP and host and legacy systems to manage business operations, process transactions and monitor business performance. All these generate huge volumes, with the likes of purchase orders, invoices, statements, financial reports and bills of lading.
The challenge is finding a flexible solution to strategically address your specific document delivery and receipt needs.
You need a reliable, scalable and easy-to-use and manage system that integrates with business applications to improve communications and productivity without changing the way you do business. You need a system that leverages the latest technologies while extending your older legacy applications, enabling you to meet your demands today and in the future. One that delivers large value at a small price. That’s where RightFax Universal Information Exchange (UIX) will help.

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