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Updated: 08:30 (+2 GMT) -- 01 January 2002 eNews Letter, Edition 5 Issue 14 | Month of December 2001
E-Government in Lebanon INFORMS citizen... INFORMS.GOV.LB

Launched by OMSAR Team, INFORMS.GOV.LB site is one of the milestones set by the Lebanese Administration in order to reach the masses through the Information Super Highway (Internet) and to accomplish the Lebanese Electronic Government. The Site includes all kind of info regarding all Lebanese governmental Ministries and institutions, also all the major guidelines needed to submit any official form related to them. In addition the Information are also available on a very easy to install CD , Just Run the Setup and all the Information are available @ your desktop for your offline Viewing / Data Retrieval.

By Using INFORMS.GOV.LB you will find:

1. All necessary information needed to be requested and submitted by the Citizen regarding any Form
2. A workflow diagram describing the "Taxes", "Duration", and "legal fees" required by any submitted form.
3. Prototypes of the real documents presented to the related form. (In 3 major formats: PDF, HTML, GIF/JPG).


SMC (new)

Enjoy New Year!
Hope you have all the
joy and success
Send your New Year's greetings from our site. TONS of Cards to choose from.

MEDICARD - vous offre aujourd'hui un site exqui où vous pourrez découvrir ses services et produits à travers une navigation subtile qui vous conduira à travers maintes informations. vous n'avez plus besoin de coups de fil ou déplacements pour avoir des informations sur le prix de votre assurance il vous suffit de soumettre les données et notre "online premium calculator" fera le travail pour vous. Visitez notre site et vous ne serez que satisfait!

We would like to wish each and everyone of you, the very best of this year. May this year be prosperous, filled with love, fulfillment, and most of all treasured by each of you and your family members.
God bless us all! Happy, happy New Year!

SMC Video - web site development by netwaysSuccess in an online venture was proven by SMC videos, even when though in the beginning this site only SMC VIDEOS GROWS    offered a single product, on top of that it was on a very tight budget. With all the obstacles it faced, it came out a winner. The site now offers a full library of commercially known videos, VCDs, DVDs, and also locally made productions, plays, documentaries, etc. Now SMC offers shopping carts, special membership privileges, discounts and more. So who said that you can't enlarge your e-store, and that all online ventures are doom for failure??

New Fashion . . . New Site . . .

GemyNewFashion.Com - Une palette de couleur qui esquisse des formes et couleurs découpées dans du tissu! Un site témoin du style ainsi que du savoir faire unique de Gemy. Au fur et à mesure que vous navigait le site vous serez emporté dans le monde fabuleux de la mode où l'on découvre des photos qui s'épousent afin de composer un monde féerique en hommage à la femme. Curieux?!! visitez le site sous ses deux formes; animé et statique... visitez le site...

Holiday in Style plus hospitality...

Capitol Hotel - developed by netwaysCapitol Hotel offers a wide selection of exciting outlets, the widest variety of cuisine, a true concept to provide a range of facilities its visitors and an ideal place for travelers on business or pleasure. The site can quickly help you with your booking and reservation needs. It is easy to navigate throughout the site, check each facilities, venues and any special happenings during your planned visit and so forth.


Faraya Sporting Club - Web Development by NetwaysFaraya Sporting is a club grouping families in "chalets" at Faraya Mzaar, and offering both children and adults a wide range of activities and competitions, races, events and more.. Faraya Sporting.Com is just in-time launching their site, for both members and for interested "surfers". If you wish to join the club an Admission Form is available. You never know maybe you'll end up in the photo gallery as the 1st Prize Winner for the year 2002 competition. The site is a database-driven website featuring diverse information ranging from detailed competition and race results to members' and groups' profiles and related information. A photo gallery section for group events is also available.

Netscape and Internet Explorer battle for the title Expert Advice

Once upon a time, Netscape's Navigator browsers ruled the Web unopposed. Then, in 1995, upstart Internet Explorer entered the fray. The browser wars had begun.
Netscape maintained its Internet dominance until 1997, when, with a wicked one-two punch, Internet Explorer's fourth version wrested both title and market share from Netscape. Netscape--outdated, slow, and unstable--went down for the count.
But after a two-year hiatus (and a disastrous 6.0 release), Netscape released a major 6.1 upgrade (and, more recently, a minor 6.2 update) that's meaner, leaner, and faster than ever. At last, buggy, slow Netscape is nearly as strong, stable, and speedy as IE. But IE 6 still controls more than 70 percent of the browser market. Does Netscape have what it takes to win the browser wars once and for all? Are you as determined as us to find out?

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