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"Our New Site »
Bring IT All Together"...

Just in time for Termium 2003 Lebanon, Phase 1 of was completed.'s main aim is to have a closer means of communication with its clients and prospective ones, and for them to get a better understanding of's IT business practices. If you need an ABC step by step advice or instruction on how to set up your corporate IT entity, browse through the site, and let's see what it might inspire within you.
The 2nd Phase has begun, so stay tune for further announcement about more interaction and one of which is, having direct access to see all about your project: what phase it is in, which department(s) and who's working on it, and how much longer it will be till it is done.

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"Netways at » TERMIUM'03"...

Netways in partner Microsoft stand was again present at TERMIUM'03 in order to launch latest e-solutions based on BIZTALK Server and TEAMPLATE for .Net.
For a complete host of Netways' Solutions, please go to:
Year 2003 marks an entire decade since TERMIUM began bringing the latest in high-technology computer innovations to Lebanon. With the regional technology market expected to surpass all previous levels, TERMIUM'03 remains unchallenged as the leading market place for IT. Organized by the PCA, Promofair , TERMIUM 2003 joins Dubai, Cairo, Saudi Arabia and Hyderabad in leading the Middle East's IT forum.

"Netways Provides Solution for »
Dubai Internet City"...

Dubai Internet City in Record Time Pilot Project To Streamline Management Procedures through Integration of SharePoint, InfoPath and Teamplate as Business Process Workflow Solution.
Dubai Internet City was able to move to an automated approval process of major expenditure requests through the use of Teamplate’s Business Process Workflow Software in an integrated Microsoft .Net environment. By automating this process Dubai Internet City was able to experience the reduction of the time delay associated with this process as a part of a global automation policy. The use of Digital Signatures made sure that moving to an electronic environment does not compromise authenticity of requests and approvals.

Teamplate's New Version 4.0
Delivers Integration With Outlook and Exchange

September 15, 2003
Teamplate announced the latest release of its flagship product, Teamplate for .NET, providing industry leading collaborative workflow and business process management solutions to corporations across the globe. Teamplate for .NET version 4.0 delivers powerful new functionality and features that integrate seamless with Microsoft systems and applications, reducing the cost of developing, deploying and maintaining business process solutions.    

Alico - Measa
 Launch Date: August 2003
 Design & Development: 3 months
 Size of the Development team: 3

- Insurance Power
ALICO, one of the largest international insurers in this Region with a Divisional Head Office in Sharjah, UAE, and branch and subsidiary operations in Bangladesh, Lebanon, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Kenya, Oman, Turkey, Pakistan, Palestine, Egypt and Nepal. ALICO has dominant market positions in Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh and the Gulf States. There are 1,400 plus employees employed within the Division and 8,000 sales managers and representatives. Prudent risk selection, market leadership, product innovation and local awareness make ALICO's best years in the region still lie ahead, and now with its regional online presence.

 Launch Date: August 2003
 Design & Development: 2 months
 Size of the Development team: 4

- All Victorious
Victoire celebrated its 16th year anniversary, and to announce it redesigned a completely professional, fully equipped, and complete online system. is powered by PHP and manage through a backoffice that an administrator can regulate and kept fully updated, communicate contact submissions and front-end users' interest to respected Victoire departments on the fly. Very essential for any online medium to harness and be on the attack on. After all, the main factor in having an online system is to have close connection to ones clients and future ones. Specifically, for an insurance company that maintains numerous amounts of forms to receive and process, such as, where such interactive forms are the driving power to gather in the prospects. While initiating the solution basic components, was defined so that it could evolve in a more interactive manner. The solution aims at giving the project an international look and to maximize the impact and influence of the application on its visitors, and serve them best. The aim is to increase the target market's exposure.

Mideast Assistance
 Launch Date: August 2003
 Design & Development: 2 months
 Size of the Development team: 5
- Have Assistance - We'll Travel
Offering a unique service throughout the Middle East, primary objective for the site, apart from its presentation of their product, the main function and core of the solution is to bring an ordered approach to organizing and providing access to various resources, bringing the power of a database-based resource index to a web environment in a powerful but inherently extensible way.
The main components of the solution are:
- Web-based Intranet / Internet application
- Structured and Integrated Data Bases
- Value Added Services
The main features of the proposed solution are:
- High End, Open, Scalable, State-of-the-art cost-effective application.
- Web-enabled easy to manage functionality.
The solution becomes a platform for agents to operate from in order to carry out their transactions (Fill in application and submit accordingly, process request and maintain clients, etc.). New agents can also register through their internet/intranet application.

Chemaly Printing Press
 Launch Date: August 2003
 Design & Development: 1 month
 Size of the Development team: 3

- Printing Goes Online
Starting off with a pretty snazzy Homepage, Chemaly&Chemaly once again proved capable of leading the way for other printing house to follow. The site, although static in areas, offers a great deal of help for clients, new and old. Printing request, and quotes can be submitted online and details taken care of, even before personal meetings with the printing house, saving man-power and time for both clients and printing house. One outstanding feature that the site contains is a PHP application for local and printing related international news database, although still in its infancy, will serve as a focal point for the printing industry in Lebanon.

Microsoft's newest Office family member, InfoPath (formerly Xdocs) created to streamlines the process of gathering information by allowing you to do three key activities: Create dynamic forms, complete the forms, and submit these forms to the XML-enabled systems and business processes that need the information. It is flexible, information gathering program that connects people to data in the appropriate context. It's easier for information workers to provide and get to the information they need in a timely fashion, which leads to better-informed decisions.