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 Netways in Compex 2001 IT Exhibition - Forum de Beirut

Compex 2001 proved Netways dedication to be present in local and regional IT Exhibitions. Plans had been set-up for participation in other upcoming IT Exhibitions for the rest of year 2001. SETI - France and Compex - Lebanon, among many had proven succesful in further promoting Netways to the market, both regionally and internationally.
Sister Companies were also present during Compex, TrustArabia, a partner promoting, assisting and providing Entrust web/wap certificates and digital signatures to .com companies to enable secure business transaction online and BrowsArabia, responsible for creating interactive-communication over the net and promotion - with its well-known and young-adult oriented ecard and dating site - meGreetings.com. The 1st quarter of the year showed promising growth for Netways, which we are confident will continue to not only meet expectation but to exceed it for the rest of the Year 2001, as evident in the past year.


Librairie du Liban was founded September 1944, as a bookseller and distributor of Longman publications. Now available online through, www.ldlp.com, develop on InterShop, with over 600 dictionaries (monolingual, bilingual and multilingual) and over 2000 books from children to general books are enlisted in this website which Librairie du Liban Publishers presents with great confidence. read more...


Anyone that's ever been in Dubai certainly knows this "extra-ordinary-taxi-service-company - Dubai Transport! In cooperation with CNS, Netways developed this site for Dubai Transport, the first phase of even a larger service oriented and comprehensive portal.
Since its launch in 1994, Dubai Transport has managed to actively contribute in developing the transport industry in the Emirate of Dubai and provide a quality service that reflects positively on the city. read more...

 QIMS - Under the Patronage of H.E. Rafic Hariri - Netways Conducting IT WorkShop

Quality and Integrated Management System (QIMS) is set to begin this month. Under the patronage of H.E. Rafic Hariri, the Conference is gathering a large amount of attention throughout the area. Do visit the site and signed up, you wouldn't want to miss it.
Netways has taken a major role by leading the IT Workshop entirely, delegates from India, Egypt and Saudi Arabia will be present to present their technology expertise, scheduled for the 18th of May, 2:00 p.m.
 For further details and information visit WWW.QIMS.NET

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