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Feb 22, 2010 | Netways Participates in Microsoft CRM Day
Netways participates in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM-Industry Day

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In today’s economy organizations can’t rely on brute strength to maximize the value of their customer relationships; rather, they need enabling technologies and tools. CRM is a technology that allows organizations to track and leverage every customer interaction to maximize revenue opportunities and improve customer loyalty. But CRM does much more than just track customer interactions. It also helps organizations optimize their operations by automating routine tasks and standardizing best practices. Ultimately, CRM allows organizations to better acquire, manage, serve, and extract value from their customers while improving operational efficiency—something that is critical in today’s economy.


Netways will participate in the upcoming Microsoft Dynamics CRM-Industry solutoin event at Khobar, Riyadh and Jeddah from 22/2/2010 until 24/2/2010. 
The following topics will be discussed in the event


·         Microsoft Dynamics CRM in Financial Sector - Max Fatouretchi – Microsoft Financial Sector Lead – Microsoft Business Solution International Team

·         Microsoft Dynamics in Government and Public Sector – Simon Edward - Microsoft Public Sector Director – Microsoft Business Solution International Team

·         Microsoft Dynamics CRM in Healthcare

·         Microsoft Dynamics CRM in Professional Services