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Oct 31, 2008 | Netways patricipates in the Innovation Day
Microsoft is sharing its vision In the presence of the COO Kevin Turner...

Netways is proud to announce that it will be participating in the “Microsoft Innovation Day” event for this year in Riyadh- KSA, and that to expose the latest technology products, showcase live demos for present solutions, and put its team of business consultants in contact with the public.
Microsoft Chief Operating Officer, Kevin Turner, will be present at the event along with other Microsoft executives to share Microsoft’s vision for “Dynamic IT Solutions” than can help optimize IT infrastructure and take business to the next level.
Netways Product Development Manager,  Mahmoud Bdeir,  will be also present at the event as a guest speaker in the information worker session to explain how electronic collaboration platforms can increase “Enterprise Efficiency”.
There’s never been a better time for IT to play a fundamental role in the growth for your organization.
The Event: Microsoft Innovation Day !!
The place: Four Seasons Hotel, Riyadh.
The Time: November 4th, 2008