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Apr 23, 2008 | Improving user productivity in contact centers
Netways participated in the Microsoft CRM 4.0 launch event in Dubai

Netways is proud to have participated in the launching event of the new Microsoft CRM 4.0 in Dubai! The event took place at the Godolphin Ballroom in the Emirates Tower Hotel on April 23rd between 9 am and 2 pm.
During the event, Netways presented its vision and proposition for  “Improving User Productivity in Contact Centers” discussing how to leverage Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, Performance Point and Interactive Intelligence Contact Center to bring call centers up-to-speed with minimal time; resulting in raising customer satisfaction, and increasing revenues.
In addition to that we discussed how we implanted a complete and integrated Customer Centric Framework for Abu Dhabi Securities Market. More information about the event agenda can be located under this >>LINK<<
See you there!