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Sep 01, 2007 | Knowledge Economic City's released a new portal based on MOSS

Netways has finished implementing and deploying the Intranet portal for the KEC Madinah based on Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal 2007. The new portal is currently the gateway for the KEC Madinah employees to be updated with the corporate news, events and project development, etc...
KEC Portal

KEC Madinah is one of four economic cities being developed in Saudi Arabia to boost regional development and provide employment for the country's growing population by focusing on Intellectual Property, Knowledge-Based Industries, Medical, Hospitality, Tourism and Multi-Media.

The project is located at Al-Madinah, the home of the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) where the Holy Quran was compiled. The project has special significance for Muslims throughout the world because of its location.

KEC Future Plan

Knowledge Economic City is designed as a project that will position Saudi Arabia and young Saudi Arabian entrepreneurs as internationally respected leaders in knowledge based industries and aims to attract and develop talent from around the world. It will provide them with opportunities on a global scale while providing investors and entrepreneurs with infrastructure, opportunity, a unique pool of talent and the potential for a healthy return on investment.

More than 20,000 jobs and accommodation for about 150,000 people will be created by the project which will have an aggregated investment of more than SR30 billion and take up to 8-10 years to complete.