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Mar 26, 2008 | Captaris RightFax 9.3 Training in Saudi Arabia
Register today for Captaris RightFax 9.3 Technical Training

Captaris in association with Netways conducts a RightFax 9.3 Technical Training in Riyadh from March 24th - March 26th , 2008


This course provides hands-on training on how to install, configure, maintain and administer a RightFax server system. The new features of RightFax 9.3 will be explained as well. The course has several new modules including the RightFax Collective, Captaris Sync as well as new supporting materials on RightFax Administration. Participants will do installations of RightFax, configure the servers, discuss maintenance and configure email gateways.

The class also includes a 6-month license for the web-based RightFax Network Administrator course. This self-paced, interactive, task-based course covers all aspects of RightFax Administration.


When:    March 24th  - March 26th 2008
Where:   New Horizon (AL Khalid Training Center ).
AL-Olaya- street, after SAMBA Bank
Fees:     $1995 per student
Course Outline:

  1. Planning and System Architecture
  2. Installation
  3. MFP Module
  4. XML Generator Module
  5. Shared Services Module
  6. Service Configuration
  7. Client Installation
  8. WebAccess
  9. Least Cost Routing
  10. Using Fax Reporter
  11. Alerts and Monitoring
  12. Captaris Sync Module
  13. Maintaining RightFax
  14. Installing the RightFax Microsoft Exchange Module
  15. Installing Lotus Notes Module
  16. Printer Installation
  17. SMS Pager Service
  18. Billing Codes
  19. Creating a Cover Sheet
  20. Groups
  21. User Configuration
  22. Creating FaxUtil Objects
  23. Soap Server and Client for Web